Monday, 19 May 2014

My Summer Readathon Thingy...#1

I admit that I got into a bad habit that I thought was a good idea at the time. See, I used to buy entire series instead of just book one because there are only two places to buy books near my home and these places weren't big stockers of urban fantasy so if you didn't buy it when you saw it, you didn't get it at all. (This was before I knew a debit card was accepted on Amazon as well as a credit card. Sigh.) But I digress. So I was left with lots of series waiting to be read. I would read the first book and if I really liked it and would read the rest of the series, I'd leave it and go to the first book of another series. Yeah sounds a bit mad but I wanted to get rid of what I didn't like in swaps and this was a quick way to do it. Stack of Swap, basically!

Problem is, now I'm ready to finish all those great series and I barely remember what happened in the book ones that I liked so much! ARRGGHH!  I don't have the patience to flick through them all to see what happened and of course I was too busy to review them properly at the time so I might have to waste time on re-reads!!! I HATE that!

However, I need to catch up on all these series one way or the other so after promising to do it for years, I'm finally going to do it. From now until August 31st I'm doing the Big Fat Summer Readathon! I'm going back to as many of these series as I can to catch right up/finish them and get them reviewed and onto the blog. It will tackle the ever growing growing tbr list and get some good stuff on the blog for you guys to look at.

What am I planning to read? Well first I plan to catch up on a few of my favourite series and here are the first planned books:

I'm not greatly keen on the last three Otherworld books because I really can't stand Savannah but I need to get them read so I can decide what to do with them.

Hope to start in the next day or two! Regular updates here and on Twitter for those interested.

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