Thursday, 8 May 2014

Book Review: Darkness Falls by Jessica Sorensen

When the disease spread through the world, people had no choice but to go into hiding. The Colony is hidden deep underground, far away from the vampires—humans that were transformed by the disease. The vampires are hideous, starving, and they will kill any human they come across.
Seventeen-year-old Kayla is a Bellator, a warrior that protects The Colony. In order to survive, there are three rules she must follow:
Rule #1—Never go out after dark.
Rule #2—Always carry a weapon.
Rule #3—No matter what, never EVER get bitten.
But what happens when the rules Kayla has always lived by can no longer apply?
The Highers run The Colony and accept nothing less than perfection. One slip up can mean death. Kayla has always worked hard to follow the rules and strive for perfection. But during a moment of weakness, she lets her imperfections show. Her punishment is worse than death. She is chosen for The Gathering and is thrown out into a world full of starving vampires.
No one has ever survived The Gathering, at least that’s what Kayla’s been told. But when she runs into a group who insist they were once part of The Gathering, Kayla discovers the Highers have been keeping secrets. Secrets that could lead to a cure.

My Review:
This should have been a really good book. Kayla was a tough character who is willing to risk her life to take on the vampires to get supplies for her colony who live safely underground. It seemed like she was the only one willing to do what needed to be done so you'd think the colony would've been grateful. Makes you wonder who they got to do their dirty work once she was cast aside.

The colony was a bit weird but I found it intriguing that the smallest slip up like talking out of turn or looking at the wrong person could get you in big trouble. I'm not saying that the first section of the book didn't have it faults but it was at least keeping me interested enough to read on. My issue with the colony was the Higher things. I didn't like them and didn't fully get what they were or why they were treating people so badly. Still it did make it satisfying when Kayla started to take them on and gets into trouble. I did get annoyed when nobody wanted to answer her questions about the Highers. Two/Three stars for the book while they were in the colony though.

After The Gathering, Kayla wakes up outside in a bodybag with a former friend who now seems to be a rude, obnoxious asshat and the weird creepy girl that you want to stay the hell away from. Their wanderings around the desert didn't seem to have much point except to let two of them argue and the other make weird comments all the time.

Basically from this point on, I barely understood what was meant to be happening. Kayla was naturally on the defensive as the outsiders were trying to capture her and didn't really look as if they wanted to be friends, yet they blame her for fighting them and don't like or trust her because of it which annoyed me. Nobody will give a straight answer to any of her questions which bugged the hell out of me. 'Later' works once or twice in a book but this author chose not to answer anything that Kayla or the reader wanted to know and that just left me totally in the dark about what was happening. The reader wants to see Kayla's memories and know all about The Gathering or colony secrets etc. It is one thing to slowly feed the frustrated reader bits at a time to tease them but it is another thing to just tell them virtually nothing important!

I lost interest when these outsiders came into the story and it all started going weird. I was getting tired with thinking 'what is happening' or 'answer the damn question'. It was just a very frustrating book to try and read and eventually I decided that I couldn't be bothered waiting for answers. Who knows if the answers will even come in the next book? I certainly won't be bothering to find out!

Had potential but did not deliver. 
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