Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Book Review: The Last Day by Joseph Sweet

On the heels of a perfect vacation, and marriage to the guy she thought to be the man of her dreams, Naomi finds herself in the middle of a zombie outbreak. It is the beginning of the end. And what may be her last normal day, a day that was nearly perfect in every way, ends with chaos and a nightmarish journey home.

My Review:
Naomi and Max are newlyweds and very happy, when the world goes to hell. This story shows that you never really know someone until you see how they act in a zombie apocalypse.

This was a good short story about a zombie dog attacking people in a park and the bitten victims starting to chomp on the watchers. Naomi's reaction of standing staring at the carnage is perfectly reasonable under the circumstances though she did leave it a bit late to start running! I think I might've been running as soon as the first person bit another person! But that's just me. Anyway, Max is the opposite of Naomi and has no interest in gawping at what is happening, he just wants out of there.

OK here comes a spoiler so if you don't want to know what happens next, move to the next paragraph! You were warned so here it is. Naomi's beloved husband who declared he would love her forever, jumps in the car, ignores her pleas to let her get in and drives home without her, leaving her at the mercy of the growing pack of zombies! What a weasel scumbag! Naomi faces a nighmare journey home alone and she cannot believe what has just happened to her. But our heroine has a plan and she looks forward to getting revenge.

I liked this. We have the lovely zombie attack in the park which had a nice twist in that it was a dog that starts the mayhem. Naomi's journey home was also nicely written and you were rooting for her because she was just a normal everyday kind of person who never imagined this kind of thing happening. She is smart enough to head for home, knowing that Max had secured the building and built a few extras that might come in useful. For me, Naomi's decision was the right one and I was cheering her on every step of the way!

This was a 3.5 star story which I enjoyed and I would look for anything similar that the author might write. You can get this free at Smashwords. I recommend it for zombie fans and those who like a monster horror thriller.
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