Friday, 16 May 2014

Book Review: Away with the Fairies by Felicity Knight

When Susan’s old ‘friend’ Tatty turns up unexpectedly on her doorstep needing somewhere to stay, Susan knows she’s going to be in for a tough few days. What she doesn’t expect is a fantastical entourage including fairies, gods, demons, and one extremely over-familiar familiar, not to mention the very handsome demon Phil. Away with the Fairies is a humorous novella about unwanted houseguests.

When Susan first meets new-ager Tatty at a fantasy convention, she finds her rude and annoying in the extreme, but is at least able to comfort herself with the knowledge she only has to put up with her for a few days.

Six months later Tatty turns up on Susan’s doorstep unexpectedly and announces she needs somewhere to stay, and chaos ensues. Tatty is bad enough, with her constant criticism of Susan, ‘helpful’ jobs done around the house, and lentil casserole, but she brings with her a fantastical entourage including fairies, gods, demons, and one extremely over-familiar familiar.

Then there’s Phil: good-looking, charming, and technically a prince of hell. He seems to be helping Susan, but can she trust him?

Will Susan ever get rid of her houseguests and get things back to normal? And does she really want to?

My Review: 
Susan is at a fantasy convention with her sister Janey when the annoying Tatty decides to be her new best friend. Then Susan is startled to find Tatty on her doorstep one day needing a place to stay and her quiet life is destroyed.

Ok lets start with the positives. The story is well written and developed and I had no issues at all with the writing skill of the author. The story has interesting elements like poker playing demons and perverted toads which were amusing. It was a well thought out story and I liked a lot of the ideas. So why only 2 stars? Well I just could not finish it because I could not stand Tatty or Susan.

Tatty. OMG. Could this be the most annoying character ever written in fiction? To be fair to the author, Tatty is meant to be annoying in the worst way, but I just had enough of her by the halfway point of the book. The author did write her character well though. She latches on to Susan at the convention and Susan is too polite to tell her to get lost. Tatty is critical of everything-what Susan says, what Susan wears, what Susan eats and drinks, what Susan writes and likes to invite herself into Susan's room to chat and invites herself into her company each night of the convention. Then Tatty asks for Susan's address to 'keep in touch'. Not long after, Tatty invites herself to stay with Susan for a while as her previous hosts have shown her the door.

Now there is no way on earth I would ever be stuck with a Tatty. I would not have allowed this irritating asshat to hang out with me. I would have been saying 'sorry we have plans' and leaving the hotel in disguise, or hiding in my room with a book and not answering the door rather than hang out with a rude, self obsessed idiot that makes me grind my teeth! And there is no way that I would give her my address! Or let her in the door with her suitcases!

This leads me to why I can't stand Susan. For a grown woman, she is a spineless sap and I wanted to hit her. Frequently. I was shouting at her a lot! She was whining and complaining non stop about putting up with Tatty which got on my nerves because she wouldn't do anything about it. I just couldn't put up with this as my main character as I just can't stomach whiny females with 'doormat' across her head.

If you are looking for a well written, amusing fantasy story and don't mind annoying characters you might well like this one. You can get it free on Smashwords. 
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