Monday, 5 May 2014

Book Review: Agartha's Castaway pt 1 by Chrissy Peebles

The dream vacation that might just turn deadly...

Seventeen-year-old Casey Smith can't wait to embark on her summer vacation, not least because she's finally shed her tomboy image, and now heartthrob Mike seems interested. What starts out great, with lots of flirting, taking her a step closer to winning her crush's heart, soon turns into her worst nightmare.

Tossed out to sea during a freak storm, Casey is washed up on what she presumes to be a mysterious tropical island that's on no map she's ever seen.

My Review:
My review is based on reading part one of the series. This covers the boat caught in the storm, the three teenagers being thrown into the sea, sucked into a whirlpool and landing on the island.

The plot was fun enough. The description of the storm was pretty good and it wasn't difficult to imagine the panic of finding your parents gone and being unable to save the boat taking on water. The visual descriptions of the island and its strange sights was pretty good, making it obvious to us, if not all of the kids, that they are not in their own world anymore. The twin suns and glowing sand were a bit of a giveaway but Jack is too stubborn to believe that. I enjoyed the attack of the big spiders because I am totally arachnophobic and thinking about them gave me the horrors!

Now the plot holes. We must stay on the beach because that is where rescue will come from. So seconds later they all decide to wander off into the jungle. This is where they find the spiders. Now we need to run away and get back to the beach to make a big help sign. OK don't you think a sign on the beach should have been done BEFORE you wander into the jungle? That way if rescue were to come, they will then know roughly where you are? Bit of an oversight from Jack who seems to have all the answers to every possible problem, which was a bit too convenient for me.

But it was the characters who really did my head in. Casey was the bimbo from hell. She doesn't know if her beloved parents are dead or alive, she's stuck in another world but huge bloody spiders chasing her and all she cares about is her appearance and whether Mike fancies her. Oh please! If I were in that situation, I'd be scared witless and not really caring about romance!!! Mike was a total asshat whose reckless antics were putting them all in danger. He was arrogant, vain and just had to be the centre of attention at all times and I just couldn't stand his antics. Jack was the sensible one but his ability to know the answer to everything just got on my nerves.

I was in two minds whether to continue with the series so I checked out other Goodreads reviews and I'm glad that I did. When I read that Casey and Mike have a big romance despite danger from velociraptors and T Rex etc I decided that I would give the rest of it a miss. Teenage hormones flying when there are bloody dinosaurs trying to eat you would just bug the hell out of me.

Trying to rate this book was hard. I'd give it three for imagination and description, two for the plot holes and dreadful characters. 2.5 would probably be the fairest result but I'm rounding it down to two because of its faults.
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