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Film Review:The Grey(2011)

A group of oil workers survive a deadly plane crash in the wilds of Alaska but their ordeal is just beginning.  Already faced with dying of exposure, hunger and thirst in this harsh environment, a new danger emerges when a wolf pack decides to stalk and kill them all.
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I loved the sound of this film...scary plane crash, battling against the odds, stalked by huge hungry wolves. I mean what's not to like there? Well the answer to that is 'this film'. I was mega disappointed by this dross.

This film was just depressing. We have Liam Neeson obsessing over his ex-partner(with inane flashbacks of them just lying in bed staring at each other), his drinking and attempted suicide...and all that comes BEFORE the crash and the wolves. By the time we had put up with the obnoxious people on the plane, I was more than ready for the crash. Usually crash sequences are good but this one was spoiled by Liam Neeson's character going into those flashbacks of the ex-partner again which destroyed any tension in the crash scene. Then we had more scenes of the obnoxious oil workers before the wolves come into it.

When I watch a film with killer animals, I really expect to see good gory footage of the animal attacks. Again it did not really happen. Most of the violence was implied so if you expect to see limbs being ripped off, then you better try another film. It's not the only thing that was lacking in the film. The script was very poor with pointless crap being discussed around the campfire and one character who was such an asshat that I wanted him to get eaten instantly. I hate this kind of idiot character who is just there to get everyone fighting and shouting, which soon gets boring. Even Liam's acting was flat and uninspiring though to be fair to him, he wasn't exactly provided with Oscar winning material to work with.

The wolves were cool enough but they just weren't used to great effect. There was no real nerve jangling tension to keep you on the edge of your seat. Every time it looked like getting tense we go to a flashback or some useless conversation etc to totally ruin the moment. 

To sum up-terrible script, poor acting, dreadful directing, no flow to the story, no creation of tension and a total waste of two hours.  
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