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Book Review: Shadow Demon by Judith Post(Wolf's Bane #2)

A gargoyle rescued Reece Rutherford from a werewolf attack. A bloodred, hexagram tattoo stains Reece's skin where the werewolf's paw touched her, and her magic is awakened. Hecate feels the shift in Bay City's magic and comes to train Reece as a new witch...and helps make Reece strong enough to survive the rogues that are trying to take over Bay City. So, when an ancient, evil warlock comes to claim Hecate and unleashes a shadow demon on his victims, it's Reece's turn to protect her mentor. But she can't do it alone. The gargoyles who stand guard over mortals and the werewolf pack that calls Bay City home all join together to destroy the Egyptian pharoah, who's studied the dark arts century after century.

My Review:
*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Reece and her friends have defeated the rogues but a new terror is coming for them. A warlock obsessed with making Hecate his mate is in town to claim her and will kill anyone who tries to stop him, unleashing a shadow demon on the innocent, and dark magic. Now the gargoyles, werewolves and witches have to find a way to work together to defeat the demon and his master.

I was a big fan of book one and this sequel does not disappoint. It keeps the same fast paced action of Wolf's Bane and continues to add depth to the characters. All my favourites from book one are back again ie Andre, Father Daniels, Benito and the werewolf pack, plus we have a few new ones as well. I was happy to see that Luna is being introduced after hearing about her in book one. It was also nice to see a different side to Hecate. She is always a self assured and confident witch but now we see her scared and vulnerable which adds a lot to her character and provides an interesting twist to the story. She is now the one who needs protection. We also get to see a bit more of the werewolf pack members like Bull and Whitey which was nice.

This plot is totally different from book one and features a battle of white magic versus black magic. The gang need to think about how to stop the demon's killing spree and then have to find spells to help them battle a much more powerful warlock. Other enemies are coming to town to help the warlock so they must be tackled as well. Reece is still trying to learn her trade and even Hecate does not have the skill to do it alone, needing powerful allies from her past to come to her aid. It was good to see a story where the good guys are heavily outpowered and have to use brains as well as magic to try to win the battle. I also like how this story is linked to the first book in that it was Hecate's use of heavy magic to beat the rogues that allowed Nen to find her after hundreds of years of hunting. I also liked that again it was very much a team effort to fight their enemies with everyone able to bring something useful to the fight. Egypt was mentioned as being important to who Nen and Banafrit are so I was hoping that there might have been a bit more about that and maybe a bit of Egyptian mythology.

The author uses straightforward language and just enough description to set out the story, avoiding the temptation to get too descriptive or boring. Her characters are real and flawed, allowing the reader to relate to them despite them all being paranormal beings. When the magical battles are being described, they are explained clearly so you can easily imagine what is actually happening. I like her style of writing and telling the story.

The one thing that I do find slightly annoying is the constant reference to Reece being hungry and getting full descriptions of nearly every meal that she eats! In a short 200 page novel, I feel the time could be better spent but it is a minor niggle which doesn't detract from the story.

I definitely recommend this series to fans of urban fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal, paranormal romance. I devoured this book in one sitting over several hours, so it certainly held my interest. The book has a couple of short sexual scenes but the romance elements do not overpower the main story. I will look out for other books in this series.
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