Thursday, 27 February 2014

AOTW #16 R Leib

Welcome to Author of the Week! Every week on my book group, an author member is chosen to be Author of the Week and will be featured here, tweeted on Twitter, shared on Google Plus and Pinterest and generally treated like royalty! Group members are asked to do features and talk about our AOTW to help each one to promote his/her work to the book community.

This week: R Leib!

I have been a fan of Science Fiction since I was a pre-teen. I started with the youth fiction of Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Once I graduated to reading Bradbury, Science Fiction became part of who I was. Over the years, Arthur C. Clarke, Ursula K. Le Guin, Alfred Bester, Harlan Ellison, and a myriad other writers sparked my imagination.

I worked for 30 years in the computer industry as a programmer and in quality assurance. Most of that time was spent in the paleolithic ages of data processing. This was when computers were million-dollar behemoths with slow processing speeds, when a terabyte of data required the floor of an office building to store it. I saw the advent of display terminals, performance monitoring, and computer generated imaging.

It was only when I retired from working in the computer industry that I returned to writing

Where can I find R? 

On a space station in Earth orbit, something terrible has happened to Bertie Lindermann. Normally, the investigation would be a job for station security, but this is not normally. Allon Wu might be the last person anyone would pick to unravel a high profile mystery, but circumstances have thrust that responsibility upon him. With deceit the order of the day, who is not a suspect? Is this an isolated incident, or the precursor of a maelstrom that could throw Kostya station into chaos? With an unknown deadline, uncertain resources, and a personal tale of fantastic obsession, can he navigate the currents of intrigue and curtail what may be an evolving crisis before it is too late?

Where can I buy this book?

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