Monday, 10 February 2014

Film Review: Battle Los Angeles(2011)

A retiring Army Officer, blamed by some for the death of his men on campaign, is called back to assist a rescue mission during an alien invasion. He is to help an inexperienced Lieutenant and a hostile squad find civilians at a deserted police station and get them safely out of the city, while battling against the aliens.
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My Review:
This was very much an all action film which hardly paused for a second. The story begins with the invasion starting so there is no long drawn out introduction. We are straight into meeting the squad and learning a bit about who has a family, who is getting engaged etc which helps you to get a bit of feeling for each soldier before they go into the danger zone. It also sets the scene for the trauma that Michael went through on his last tour and how he no longer feels he can be part of the Army. The gossip about him when he is drafted back in sets up the squad mistrust of him. The film uses a mixture of real action-the soldiers getting ready to deploy, and the TV news updates about how the war is going. I liked that because it shows you the bustle and activity before a major deployment, through the eyes of each squad member. 

The action scenes are spectacular, showing how out of their depth the soldiers are against a technically advanced enemy that seem impossible to kill. The way the film is shot shows the soldiers trying to find their feet in the chaos and come up with a plan. It really gives you the impression of a group of brave soldiers who are a bit lost and in need of a leader who knows what to do. Yet you feel sorry for the Lieutenant as even the most experienced officer would struggle with this situation. The aliens look pretty impressive and the battle scenes are pretty scary. For you computer games fans, it was like watching Resistance Fall of Man as a film.

I liked Michael. He was a mixture of capable soldier and guilt ridden man over what happened to his squad. It made him very human, someone that you could relate to. While you cared about the whole squad, it was difficult to determine who was who in the battle scenes. When someone was getting injured, I was thinking 'which one are you?' It was a bit confusing when you had the full squad running around. With the casualties later it did get easier as the squad was smaller. 

If you enjoy fast moving plots with lots of action and battle scenes then I think you should like this film. It also has that gung ho American patriotism and sacrificing yourself for your country theme that you see in these films which leads to plenty dramatic moments. Excellent action film.

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  1. We saw this at the theater. I liked it. Great action. :) Glad you enjoyed it!