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AOTW #12: LR Currell

Welcome to Author of the Week! Every week on my book group, an author member is chosen to be Author of the Week and will be featured here, tweeted on Twitter, shared on Google Plus and Pinterest and generally treated like royalty! Group members are asked to do features and talk about our AOTW to help each one to promote his/her work to the book community.

This week: LR Currell!

L.R. Currell is an Australian author who currently has around fifty works in progress. He resides in the surprisingly awesome city of Adelaide. His writing spreads over a variety of genres including but not limited to crime fiction, historical fiction, dystopia, horror, paranormal, action, post apocalyptic, science fiction and fantasy.

Currell served in the Australian Army for five years deploying twice during that time. He served in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.

He enjoys street art, classic rock, good food, reading, film, krav maga and of course his main passion, writing. He is an avid traveler having spent time in more than 60 countries. He lived in Canada for three years and his favorite destination (so far) is the Galapagos Islands.

It is L.R's dream to one day see at least one of his books on the screen. He currently lives in a quiet suburb where he is working on releasing more books. L.R. is good friends with fellow good reads author David Chattaway and the two are constantly bouncing ideas off each other. 

Where can I find LR? 

Would you survive a day where killing was legal?
Do you know someone that for whatever reason you wouldn't be particularly bothered if they were no longer with us?

Welcome to Curve Day.

In the near future, desperate times call for desperate measures.
The Earth's population is now so out of control that the Government has enforced one day of the year where murder acts as a form of population control.

Sure, it wasn't always that easy to get people to accept this idea and in truth
there is still an element of resistance to it. As time ticks on though, with
each passing Curve Day the American people gradually accept and adapt
to the notion of citizen on citizen killing.

Our story takes us to the eve of the eleventh Curve Day following an eclectic bunch of individuals as they each prepare and execute the fight of their lives.

Who will survive the annual slaughter?

It's only book one and the bodies are already piling up.

Paul Walden is a recently discharged, combat veteran who agrees to leave the army quietly after a scam he was part of is exposed. In return for keeping his mouth shut, he is promised handsome rewards and a cushy job. Sadly this turns out to not be the case.

His brother is in jail, his girlfriend is becoming increasingly distant and his former boss is not keeping his word. Paul struggles to readjust to the civilian world and experiences one letdown after another. With the bills piling up and fate playing her hand, Paul soon utilizes his skills as a trained killer. He begins to believe that becoming a hit man could be the answer to his problems.

It offers a new start and the opportunity for unparalleled wealth but will he live to regret his decisions? Even worse, will he end up dead in a gutter? Or will his best friend, a former soldier turned police officer catch him in the act? 

Three weary travelers, the last in their group are heading towards Mexico. After the outbreak they heard it was a safe place and are determined to make a life for themselves there.

Stressed, bloody and exhausted the three stumble upon a back woods cabin in the middle of nowhere. There is Buck, an aspiring cage fighter and his beautiful fiance Denny. Buck's sister Tammy completes the ensemble from a clan that used to number over a dozen. The remains of the fleeing family desperately need rest and the cabin that the Taylor brothers hold out in seems the safest place they have been in months. Fighting off zombies daily has taken its toll on the three travelers and the reluctant hospitality the brothers offer is a Godsend.

Buck soon realizes though that all is not as it seems as the brothers start playing mind games with the group and continue to delay their departure. Is he just being paranoid? Or were they safer on the road with the zombies?

The three survivors are again on the run. This time not just from zombies but also from the cannibalistic redneck psycho named Hank. They barely escaped from the farm with all their body parts and things went pear shaped when they departed.

Hank is on a revenge mission bringing the wrath of hell with him as he rides atop his zombie horse. His father's old glue nag, now bitten, provides the perfect vehicle to facilitate his murderous plot. The horse never gets tired and while it smells bad, doesn't pose a threat as long as the electrical tape around it's snout holds.

Buck, his wife and his sister continue their journey south to Mexico. There's no time for regrets they realize as they haul ass towards the place they have heard is a safe haven for those still living.

Hank is coming for them and knows where they are heading. With his devious mind at work, Hank delivers unexpected tactics which coupled with unrivaled determination drive his quest to make the three suffer.

Stricken with guilt for the murder of an innocent, Tammy has a hard time bouncing back and getting on with the task of surviving. Erica agrees to pair up with Hank as a result of Toby’s death. Before the pair catch up to the trio though, Hank and Erica are distracted by a new danger, a group of survivors whose intentions are as unclear and as difficult to interpret as their own.

Buck, Tammy and Denny locate an Apache Indian reservation where they are given much needed refuge. They also meet a charismatic Irish priest who was doing missionary work with the Apache when the outbreak started. Soon though, despite their best efforts, they somehow manage to outstay their welcome. The experience teaches the three of them a lot and they grow more cohesive as a result of their time there.

The group now realizes that they must make it to Mexico. They have covered their last miles at a slow pace putting them in the way of unnecessary danger. Buck is now determined to lead his family to safety quickly, no matter the cost.

Where can I buy LR's books? 


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