Saturday, 15 February 2014

Book Review: A Vision for the Future by Melissa Wright

Elaina Johnson was born with a vision of her own death. It was something she had accepted, but as the end moves closer, she learns that seeing and knowing are far different things.

This is a short story of approximately 3600 words. Additional content includes a free three-chapter preview of Bound by Prophecy. Get it free here:

My Review:
When Elaina meets her partner for the first time, she just knows that he will become President of the United States-in the same way that she knows how she will die, what she was wearing and that it will happen in water. As the time of her death gets nearer, the signs are all there and the couple prepare for the end but even Elaina cannot predict what will happen next.

The lack of information in the blurb does this lovely little story a bit of an injustice as it doesn't really make you keen to read it. I just downloaded it because it was free and it certainly did not disappoint. This is a dramatic, tense little short story that really does deliver a punch, which is difficult to do with so few words. It says a lot about the skill of the author that I enjoyed this as much as I did. It's actually difficult to review this story without giving away any of the plot but here we go! OK the plot is set against a Presidential campaign and Elaina's partner is behind in the polls and needs to catch up. The story does not go into any detail about politics or anything like that so don't let it put you off if you're not into that kind of thing. 

The stress of the death prophecy which they both believe, puts strain on the couple as well especially as the signs seem to indicate that the time is almost here. You are left hoping that there is a way for Elaina to escape her supposed fate and grab that happy ending. It's nice to care about the character when you barely get a chance to connect with her before the book ends. Then comes the ending which was soooo cool and I didn't expect it! I do love it when a book surprises me.

I actually think that this could be extended into a nice little novella if the author wanted to expand it a bit as there are a few things that could be fleshed out. It has made me decide to read more of this author's work. So if you like a nice thriller, why not give this one a try?
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