Saturday, 8 February 2014

Book Review: Circus of the Dead by Seth Blackburn

Twenty years ago, the dead destroyed the world of the living. The survivors scattered in the wake of the Scourge, erecting small towns in the worlds' most sparsely populated areas.

For young Gabriel, the walking dead are merely the memories that haunt the eyes of those old enough and lucky enough to have survived. He is more concerned with his hard life in America's desert, where his chores keep him busy and the husks of books stashed beneath the cellar of the library are his only freedom.

Until the circus comes to town.

My Review:
I downloaded this book free from the internet. Unlike some readers, I've had some really good free reads from sites like Smashwords and Amazon. Sadly for me, this was not one of them.

It's not that there was anything WRONG with it. I had no complaints about the author's style of writing, it was well edited and I knew in advance that it was a short story. It's just that with the cover and title, I was expecting a zombiefest with horrific zombie action and the book just did not deliver that.

The book is basically a history of this town, a bit about how life as we knew it ended, how the town operates day to day and the rest are the thoughts of the world's most boring teenage boy. Nothing of interest happens until you hear about the Circus from the strangers, then we get more teenage angst and some hellfire lectures by the local preacher who doesn't want his people to go there. When we finally get the Circus, there is too much emphasis on the women working there and not enough about the zombie. You only see the zombies right at the end of the story, and the bits where they have been attacking people are not described, which is a big let down.

If you are looking for a blood and gore zombie novel, this is not the book for you. If you like slow burning apocalypse books without much action it might appeal more to you.
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