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Film Review: Gravity(2013)

A medical engineer and an experienced astronaut face a cisis when a meteor shower fatally damages the Space Shuttle and leaves them drifting in orbit with diminishing oxygen supplies. Their only chance is to get to the nearby Space Station and hope that there is a spare transport to get them back home.
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As soon as I saw the advert for this film I wanted to see it, especially when I saw the cast(George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Ed Harris) and that the director was Alfonso CuarĂ³n (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) It's actually very difficult to review this film without giving away the important parts of the plot but I'll do what I can.

Firstly the cinematography was stunning. The views of Earth are beautiful and provide a wonderful backdrop for the opening scenes featuring the spacewalk. I found myself wondering what it would be like to be up there in that amazing environment with the silence and the views, looking down and picking out the Great Wall of China and all the places I've visited like Cape Town and Tenerife. Then of course we get the disaster coming along and that fantasy of mine vanishes!

The disaster scenes are spectacular. It starts with the tension as you know that trouble is on the way, then the panic sets in as the disaster unfolds and things go out of control. You still have that amazing visual backdrop as the shuttle and the astronauts are being flung around with debris in a scary and uncontrolled manner. I was imagining the utter terror of the rookie played by Sandra Bullock, trying to do what her level headed colleague was telling her to do when things were in such a terrible state. Bullock took this part perfectly as she is a natural actress who can link emotionally to the viewers. George Clooney was excellent as the calm, controlled veteran who knows exactly what to do in the crisis and takes charge of the plan to get home alive. I liked the way the Space Station was brought into the story along with the other elements that I can't talk about. The plot develops from the disaster in a different way from what Ithought and it was very imaginative, keeping me entertained. I did yell at Bullock's character a few times for being so slow to move but to be fair to her, she was suffering from oxygen deprevation at the time! I guess it shows that I was caught up in the story, which is a good thing.

OK this is all I can say about the plot without ruining the film for you. If I tell you my favourite bits it will spoil the film so I'll just have to say that I liked the sequences around the Space Station and the twists that followed. I can say that this film is full of tension, drama, scary moments and is visually pleasing. It is a thriller suitable for most film fans who enjoy a good thriller or drama. I certainly recommend it.
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