Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Chuckles Loves Covers!

I am going to be sharing some of the beautiful book covers  that I've seen-some on my tbr, some that I've read, some on wishlist and some I've seen around but don't want to read. It is going to be a celebration of pretty or interesting covers that appeal to me in some way, regardless of genre or whether I've read or liked a book or not.

This Time: Alpha Farm by Annie Berdel: dystopian, apocalypse, prepper fiction! (TBR)

From the beginning, Emma was always looking for modern ways to becoming self-sufficient. Following the signs of a faltering economy and a nagging in her Spirit to return to her family farm, Emma begins rebuilding a life independent from The Grid and away from her high stress corporate job.

Is it any wonder that when a localized Electromagnetic Pulse is detonated over the New Madrid Fault Line and The Grid is taken down, that Emma immediately goes into action? Well, at least until Senator Varga and her personal Army shows up at Emma’s door. That is one curve ball that Emma was not expecting.

Calling her fellow Prepper Chicks into action, follow along as a Modern Day Underground Railroad is formed, a long forgotten way of life is pulled back into action and they all adjust to A World without Rule of Law.

Why this cover? 
It has that 'something is coming' look to the sky and we see the female MC ready to defend what is hers. It tells me that it is going to be one of the genres that I enjoy and I liked the way it looks peaceful, but you know it's not based on her clothing and weapon! I haven't read this author before but I look forward to reading this one! I do like a good post apocalypse story...


  1. Love the concept of this feature. I can see the appeal of this cover. Peaceful vs. Kickbutt - great combo!

    1. It's a good excuse to show off some of the books I've got as well as how pretty or interesting covers can be!

  2. I love a good cover! This is a great idea and of course I have been known to buy books by the cover alone!

  3. She's looking at the farm. Interesting placement of her here. But there is a lot of details to her too. Hope you enjoy it when you get to it. :)