Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Book Review: Dead Cells by Adam Millard

As a prisoner in one of the most brutal facilities imaginable, Shane Bridge thought that he'd seen it all. Surrounded by murderers, rapists, gangsters
and paedophiles, Shane had managed to survive his three years in one piece. With parole just around the corner, and his wife and daughter at home awaiting
his return, Shane has high-hopes for the future.

When a new inmate is brought in, carrying with him a deadly virus, Shane soon realises that his plans, his release, and his very survival are in jeopardy.

With the virus spreading, turning guards and inmates into flesh-eating zombies, it's up to a few survivors to figure out how to escape the facility, how to get along...

My Review: 
Shane is thinking about the end of his armed robbery sentence where he will be released and get home to his family. His hopes soon end when a seriously ill new prisoner starts to infect other prisoners and spreads a deadly virus.

This will be a short review as I felt that nothing about this book really worked for me. It is very disjointed, moving aimlessly between different characters that have little or no development along with flashbacks to previous events for Shane. There is no flow or cohesion to the plot. As for the characters, they were all criminals as the book is set in a prison where a virus starts to infect everyone. It was a parade of thugs and utter lowlives and the MC was a violent armed robber. Am I expected to care about these asshats and want them to survive? If that was the idea, I didn't feel anything but contempt for the lot of them. There was no decent character amongst them and I didn't care about them all dying so I lost interest quickly.

The idea of a virus in a confined environment was good but I didn't like the prison setting. If it is being set in a prison, the characters must bring out empathy in the reader. Having the MCs as thugs and idiots did not greatly appeal to me. It would've worked better if the book had followed the prison officers trying to restore order instead of having them as the bullies picking on the poor criminals. It didn't work for me and I didn't finish it.
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