Monday, 20 June 2016

Book Review: Doom by John Shirley

Far in the urgent distress signal is received from a classified Union Aerospace Corporation research facility based on Olduvai, Mars -- and is suddenly silenced. Assigned to either contain or quarantine the mysterious threat, a crack strike team comprised of the most hard-bitten marines around believes that this will be another routine seek-and-destroy mission. But they will soon come face-to-face with the hellish nightmares that the researchers' unorthodox experiments have unleashed on Olduvai -- a place where doom is waiting....

My Review: 
A group of scientists in a research facility on Mars are being hunted by an evil horror from the planet itself. They are able to send a distress signal to Earth and a team of highly trained combat soldiers are sent to Mars to find the missing scientists and end the threat. However, none of them are prepared for what they will find...This novel is based on the film Doom.

John has been estranged from his sister Sam since their parents were killed in the research facility on Mars. Sam followed in their research while John joined the military. Now John has to deal with his sister and his own demons as the team hunt the monsters. He is about to find out what some of the scientists were doing and why they are all missing. Meanwhile, each team member will be in danger and their own personality will determine their fate. There is also the added fun of the deteriorating relationships between Sarge and his soldiers as they deal with the pressure of the situation.

Where the book differs from the film is that there is more background on the team, focusing on the disaster of the last mission they were on and how The Kid came to be the newest member of the team. I did find this quite interesting and it helped to get to know the team members. My favourites in both book and film were Duke and Goat.

I would advise watching the film before reading the book if you can as there are a lot of chase scenes in the dark, with the pairs of soldiers changing quite often, and going back and forwards to the same labs. I could see it being a bit confusing for some readers if you haven't seen the film or played the game. I had seen the film countless times before I read the book as it was not an easy book to get hold of! It was a decent read though and a good horror-scifi read.
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  1. I've never even heard of the game/film/book. Weird. The Rock looks so small here compared to what he looks like now. lol.

    Rachelle @ Shell's Stories

    1. I think Doom the game came before Resident Evil but I'm not too sure. It's a good film and the book was a decent version of the screenplay. I watch Doom and Resident Evil films a lot-my dad is the game player in our house!