Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Book Review: Extinction by Mark Leney

A science fiction, survival horror tale in which a group of survivors from an Underground train crash emerge into the outside world and find the world has been over run mysteriously, by dinosaurs. This is the story of how they adapt and survive.

My Review:
A tube train crashes in London, derailed after it hits something on the track. The dazed passengers debate whether to stay on the train to wait for help or move through the tunnel to the nearest station. And as they talk, they see things moving in the dark to eat the dead bodies...dinosaurs.

I liked the idea of the plot. Who doesn't love the idea of rampaging dinosaurs in the centre of London? However, the execution of the story did not live up to my expectations. The initial encounter with the dinosaurs was fine and the group decide to flee and get to what they think will be the safety of the street, only to discover that dinosaurs are everywhere.

This was where the story starts to get silly. Picture yourself coming out the station to realise that London is overrun with want to find somewhere safe to hide or get home to family and friends right? Um no, instead you decide to stop and rescue a baby dinosaur and try to reunite it with its mummy while T Rex and other horrors are running around eating people. Yep, that would be my priority. The author seemed determined to showcase all his favourite dinosaurs by leading our group to them one by one in a plot that was encounter dinosaur, escape, move on. It was repetitive and no time was taken after the initial bit in the tunnel to really ramp up the tension.

The other thing that I didn't like was the attempts at humour that the author kept throwing in. It felt out of place to keep trying to throw funny comments into the situation in a dinosaur horror story. It might have been ok if any of these inserts were funny but for me it all fell a bit flat.

Good plot concept but lacks good execution in plot and character.
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  1. Heehee. I like the idea of the dinosaurs as well. :) Sorry it didn't all live up for you.

    1. Thankfully I still have a few dinosaur ones waiting on the ereader so I might find something good. It'll have to be good to match up to The Valley...loved that book!