Friday, 1 November 2013

Featured Author: Melissa Simonson(Breakwater Harbor books)

Melissa Simonson has been writing on and off since she was in highschool, but didn’t start taking it seriously until about four years ago. She’s a caffeine addict, a terrible driver, and has weird fascinations with rosary beads, complicated cocktails, and basically anything considered dark or creepy.

Since she saw him in her favorite movie Snatch, Melissa has wanted to marry Jason Statham.

When she’s not writing, she can be found watching endless hours of Dexter or rolling her eyes at her mother.
Where can I find Melissa?
Cameron is twenty-one and drunk when she's abducted after a homecoming party. She doesn't know where she is, why this has happened to her, or anything about her new cellmate, Colin. She has time to figure it all out though—nothing but time.

Amy, Cameron's twin, doesn't think much of her sister's disappearance. She's got her own life to contend with. Since Cam has gone missing, Amy's been the glue holding her family together, but she's not bulletproof, and she can't shake the feeling that she's being watched.

Sam has too much anger, a penchant for blondes, and a fondness for voyeurism and electromagnetic shock. He's good at hiding—not even his wife knows he's a monster dressed in janitor's clothing. Maybe that's why he's gotten away with his dark desires for so long.
Allison and her brother Miles have been on their own as long as they remember, but they’re not doing badly— they’ve got two million in an overseas account. The downside is that how they make their living is illegal.

The second drawback is Reid.

A lie seals Allison’s death warrant when Reid decides it’s high time for house-cleaning. She escapes with the aid of an unlikely partner, but Miles isn’t as lucky.

Bobby—Allison’s savior—tells her to run. It’s what Miles would have wanted. He’s right. But she can’t leave and allow her brother’s murderers to carry on with their business.

Murderous vengeance isn’t healthy, Bobby says. It’ll only lead her to a very dark place. Maybe she’d pay his advice more mind if he weren’t enforcement for a drug kingpin.

She doesn’t know when she’ll feel whole again or if it’ll ever happen, but there’s one thing she needs before worrying about healing: blood.
Where can I buy this book? 

Brooke is found on the side of the road at three a.m., clutching a dead body and a burner cell phone. This doesn’t surprise LAPD, who’d expected as much from the moment she went missing. What they also expect is suicide—the kidnapped girls who turned up the same way killed themselves within hours.

Being the sole living witness of the crime is almost more than she can handle, but an LAPD homicide sergeant is there to hold her restrained hand as she retraces every waking moment of the time she spent in that dungeon with her murdered friend, Abby.

Brooke knows why the other girls committed suicide. She might too, if she didn’t have some very complicated reasons to live.

To the dismay of Sergeant Jennings, Brooke delivers the most troubling news of all: the girls are being filmed those three weeks they’re held captive. Not for their captor’s personal enjoyment, but for his number one fan.
Lila was one of many women allegedly assaulted by Bradley Holiday. Five months after the fact, a counselor tells her the only way she’ll find closure is to confront him. She never expected to stumble into a friendship with the monster who raped her repeatedly.

But is he a monster? He can’t remember, thanks to a head injury. Lila’s the only living witness who can say for certain—the eleven girls before her weren’t so lucky.

An ambitious public defender manages to negotiate a re-trial, but Lila doesn’t believe a fresh courtroom drama will be enough to spare Bradley’s life this time, especially not when the death penalty is back on the table. Yet the more she learns about Bradley’s earlier years, the more determined she is to help. Even if it means getting some convenient amnesia about the events of those three days she’d been his captive. He isn’t the same person—brain scans, neurologists, and psychologists confirmed it. He may never remember; they confirmed that, too.

How far do second chances really stretch? Can those types of memories stay buried for long?
Iris Avery and her best friend, Estella, spend their time drowning in the empty excesses indulged in by their crowd of Upper East Side snobs until Estella’s sudden, shocking death.

Iris searches for answers in everything from philanthropy to hypnotherapy, feeling her existence is nothing more than a dark half-life full of guilt and repentance, but finds only endless questions. And several of them revolve around her when she discovers she’s connected to a high-profile murder.

When Estella’s voice whispering cryptic commentary in her head, Iris can’t help but wonder if the hypnotherapy has been helping or hurting. Is her friend trying to warn her about something?

Bizarre packages pile up on her doorstep, and their meaning is obvious: Iris’s secrets aren’t so secret after all.

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