Sunday, 10 November 2013

Featured Author: Lenore Sagaskie

I am a free-lance writer. I used to write a monthly article for a local newspaper. I am also an artist and I like to create in pencil, pen & ink, metalsmithing and mixed media. My choices in careers prove that I am definitely not pursuing my dreams to make bags of cash.

I served in the armed forces and held the highest rank of Sergeant when I left. I did a lot of things in the military and it was a good experience for me, except for making me question authority every chance I can.

I like to go to conventions and I participate in cosplay with my friend who is an insanely talented costumer. We also attend panels and party. Life is short, so I plan to enjoy it.

Where can I find Lenore? 

One drawn to fire.
One drawn to air.
One drawn to water.
One drawn to earth.
Brought together by ancient forces woven long ago, The Four must come together to fulfill their destiny. They will change forever as they prepare to face the biggest challenge of their lives-- fighting to prevent two worlds from tearing each other apart. 

Where can I buy this book?

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