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Featured Author: CMT Stibbe(Breakwater Harbor Books)

CMT Stibbe was born in England, UK and grew up in the rural town of Bradfield. Her father, P.G. Stibbe author of Return Via Rangoon was a master of English literature at Bradfield College and regularly read the classics to his children during the school holidays. Stibbe, who loved books and studied classical dance, passed an audition into Elmhurst Ballet School although it was laterly decided a well rounded education was more beneficial. She graduated and went on to study administration at Oxford. She became a Citizen of the United States in 2008 and is now a full time author, wife and mother. Her first novel Chasing Pharaohs is the product of relentless research and a passion to bring authentic characters into a vivid and fascinating time of Egyptian history. 

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Ancient Egypt during the eighteenth dynasty is ruled by the house of Thutmose. It is a time of uncertainty as the death of the first King stirs a group of Noubadian and Uronarti tribesmen in the south. Their leader, the Dark Rebel, assembles a faction to exploit the shift in power, but the uncompromising protection of the Pharaoh fills the advancing rebels with an overpowering rage that rouses the demons of the god Ienpw.

Thutmose II, a fragile and suspicious individual, endeavors to keep his throne by exchanging the guards of his inner sanctum. A Semnan bowman from the black kingdoms, a scribe and interpreter of dreams from YisraŹ¾el, and the stealthy commander Shoshenq, the King's permanent shadow, comprise an enigmatic threesome. They scrutinize all breaches to the palace and its surrounding precincts and unleash a force of inestimable strength to the peaceful land of Kemet.

Can the sly commander rid himself of such a powerful adversary whose claim to the throne would shake an entire dynasty?

The Rise of the Maahes begins the first book in the Chasing Pharaohs series. It is a vivid story of faithfulness, forgiveness, humility, and love.

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Featuring gripping Independent authors from around the world, FUSION is the first collection of short works published by Breakwater Harbor Books. Contributing heart-pumping tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Crime are seven stories that will thrill you, rivet you and some will even make you sleep with the light on. Authors from across a wide variety of genres, Dee Harrison, Ivan Amberlake, Claire C. Riley, Scott J. Toney, Mindy Haig, Cara Goldthorpe and C.M.T. Stibbe.

Until The Ninth Hour – Until a man loses his daughter to a serial killer, until he loses his best friend, until he is down on his luck, Darryl Williams must put all thoughts of retaliation out of his mind.

The reign of a serial child killer is brought to a halt by the police but there are a few more shocks in store. 3 stars!

I liked this story. The characters are well developed and the plot is excellent. We find out about the last moments of a serial killer's victim from the killer, which is chilling and we get a tension filled side story developing as we follow the victim's father going to confront the man who took his daughter. Chilling, sad, touching all the same time! Very well written and will look out for more work in this genre by the author.

Overall I enjoyed this anthology and will look at further releases from Breakwater Harbor books. 

Where can I buy this book? 

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