Friday, 1 November 2013

Featured Author: Dee Harrison(Breakwater Harbor Books)

Dee Harrison was born in Nottingham, England and brought up on the tales of Robin Hood and nearby Sherwood Forest. From this grew an abiding love for myths and legends. Dee studied medieval history at Nottingham University and decided to create her own myths. Thus the Firelord's Legacy was born.

Dee  is currently working on a new series featuring Junah Venmark, Master Mirrorsmith and has written a special short story for Fusion, an anthology of  fantasy and crime tales released by Breakwater Harbor books in August 2013.

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Would you do everything within your power to save your people? Even consort with sorcerers or risk damning your soul? That's Falath's choice.

After a devastating misuse of magic the world of Riom shifts on its axis, initiating another Ice Age. Two thousand years pass before Tamilin, Master Healer and Seer, uncovers this truth. He learns that the only chance of saving his world from unrelenting winter is to reforge the Firelord’s Crown, the powerful artefact that was instrumental in the original magical battle.

But the circlet was divided up amongst six companions who took ship and headed for safety when their homeland was destroyed. During the voyage one of the ships vanished but the segment her captain guarded will be needed to complete the Crown. Tamilin believes that it may lie far in the uncharted north and dispatches an expedition in search of it.

Airen, lone survivor of the venture, reaches the land called Dinith, where he hopes to find the lost piece. Dinith however, is a land in turmoil. Magic is forbidden, the glories of the past forgotten. Airen and his quest are not welcome but could Falath, the King's heir, be the ally that he desperately craves? Perhaps, but Falath, descendant of the Lost Ship, has his own secrets...

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Firelord's Heir, the eagerly-awaited sequel to The Firelord's Crown.

Now a prince in exile, Falath faces an uncertain future in a land of strangers; some  of them friends, others most definitely enemies.

Falath and  Airen negotiate the dangers of new realms as they journey to the mystical
heart  of Mandras. They have the missing piece of the Firelord’s Crown but others want  it too and will stop at nothing to acquire it. Falath must learn to control and  develop his gifts of maisterie but he still mourns the loss of his kinsman,  Rollo.

Meanwhile, a strange, fair-haired man is discovered by rebel  scouts and subsequently healed by Jessal, their charismatic leader. This Mirin has no memory of who or what he is but Jessal realises that he could hold the  key to their salvation.

Answers lie with Guild Master Tamilin and both  parties travel to the Healers' Isle in search of them but Mandras is a very  dangerous place indeed. In his own land Falath is a prince, here he is just a  valuable commodity...

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Dee Harrison-The Sliver of Abilon:
Junah the Mirrorsmith seeks out fragments of mirrors to be safely destroyed before these slivers infect humans causing death or madness. A plague occurs in Abilon and he goes to investigate. 3 stars!

I'm not a huge fan of this style of fantasy-scifi but I did enjoy this story. It's tough to develop character in a short story but Junah was likable and his quest to stop the plague and find the slivers of contaminated mirrors that came through the planet gateways to infect people was an interesting concept and not one that I had seen before, which is always nice! The side characters that we meet on his journey are all interesting in their own ways and add to the story. It's hard to say much without giving away the story but I liked the way the plot moved on. If anything, perhaps I'd have liked it to be a bit longer just to get some more action and tension into it. I would certainly look at more by this author, and would maybe look at any other books set in this world.

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