Friday, 12 January 2018

Book Review-Dance of the Dead by Sonya Bateman (Deathspeaker Codex #1.5)

"Great. A bunch of zombies were stealing my corpses."

Halloween in Manhattan gets weirder than usual for the newly minted DeathSpeaker, as Gideon Black finds himself up against a powerful necromancer who's looking to raise a lot more than the dead. 

My Review: 
Gideon is spending Halloween on a body pickup call where a woman has jumped to her death from a bridge and a rescuer died trying to save her. His police contact Abe tells him that witnesses saw a robed man with a glowing book in the area as it happened and when Gideon is transporting the bodies to the morgue, the hooded man appears in the street to stop him, along with his trained zombies. Unaware of Gideon's Fae blood, the hooded man dumps Gideon's body and prepares to start a demon summoning ritual and now only Gideon can save the world.

I really like the character of Gideon. He is the normal everyday guy who finds out he is part Fae and is the reluctant kind of hero. I like that he is still learning his powers and can only do five spells instead of instantly being brilliant at everything as you get in some urban fantasy stories. I like that he finds himself making mistakes and not being sure of what he is doing most of the time. I like Abe, the ordinary cop who isn't happy to know about the paranormal underworld, but will work with Gideon on the cases anyway.

This was a short novella but I liked the story especially the introduction of Typhoid Mary into the story, something that has always interested me. I liked the plot and the way we see Gideon using his gift of compelling the dead to tell him the truth, which takes the main part of the story. I'm very much enjoying the series and look forward to reading the rest of it when time allows!  

Read January 2018 
4 stars


  1. This sounds really interesting. And the Typhoid Mary aspect is something I haven't read about. I might have to check this series out. Plus, I love the idea of this happening at Halloween.

    1. I've enjoyed the first book and this novella a lot. Shaping up to be a good urban fantasy series!

  2. Ooh. I'm liking this one. Thanks for sharing it. I'll check it out!