Friday, 18 April 2014

Authors Behaving Badly #1 GN Grayson

Welcome to my new blog message which alerts reviewers to rude and obnoxious authors out there who won't take no for an answer when asking for reviews or who abuse reviewers for what they write or for turning them down etc . I also share stories about authors in the news who have got themselves into a bit of trouble for engaging with fans or critics.

Today I am telling you all about my experience this week with author GN Grayson, author of erotic literature.

Ist email from him/her:(April 15th)
Here is a book that you might consider reading and reviewing for me. I would appreciate it if you blog it as well.  .

I have just published  "Fire and Ice" A Burning Passion at 21000+ of mostly dialogue and very descriptive and erotic in nature.

My reply:(April 15th)
You didn't mention in your email where you got my details(I couldn't find you on Goodreads) but I'm afraid that your books do not fit into the genres that I read and review. I hate romance and erotic literature and books that are slow and descriptive with no action so I'm afraid I would not be interested in reading them. I also do not put erotic books on my blog as my blog is Young Adult friendly.
2nd email from him/her was a group email sent to everyone he/she knows(April 17th)
Content was the same as above message from him/her.

I was somewhat irate about this message especially coming two days after the first request and I also hate being sent a mass email from authors soliciting reviews. It makes me feel like I'm being electronically carpet bombed and that the author is not taking the time to target the readers who do like his/her kind of book. I told the author that I had already said no once and that I wasn't going to change my mind. I indicated, abruptly, that I was not now going to promote his/her book to my friends who might like it and that I found his/her behaviour rude. This was his/her reply:

Third email:(April 17th)
Well I have deleted you from my friends list so who know how you got a copy I would not have a clue why google still has you there. It must be on your end and as for Rude you are not so bad yourself. Actually I think you are quite good at it you should make a profession out of it. I would appreciate it if you deleted me from your end that way I will not have to put up with your Rudeness. 

Interesting that the author makes it sound like I was the one to bug him/her in the first place! I was happily minding my own business when this person appeared and contacted me with something that I had no interest in.

Fourth email:This was a group email sent out to all of us again.(April 18th)

Thank you one and all. I will be deleting my book and leaving Gmail.

I wish those who are having success much more success and if you have to put up with the demands of what is needed to promote your work instead of writing, I feel for you. There are not enough hours in a day to do both and still have a like. Goodbye.
The phrase 'petulant little child' comes to mind. So he/she friended me on google plus to get my email address to send me his/her book, which I did not want to read. He/She then huffily deletes me from his/her friend list because I won't read his/her book. Then he/she sends more requests for reviews to me and calls me rude for having a go at him/her for bugging me. Then he/she throws his/her toys out the pram with everyone on his/her contact list and goes back to his/her playpen in a dramatic display of sulking. Interesting also that none of his/her links actually work and that I cannot find this person online anywhere. This idiot is going to have no chance of a writing career if he/she acts like a spoiled brat because we don't want to read their bloody book!

I knew that this new google system of allowing anyone on Google Plus to friend you and be presented with your email address was going to be a nightmare for reviewers. I've already had several people get in touch like this to look for reviews though they were all very polite and genuine and didn't annoy me! But there are always going to be the utter morons like this who think that they can behave any way they want and that the world owes them a living.

Take my advice and avoid this person like the plague! 
Hey, good news GN Grayson, you DID get featured on my blog after all! *snigger*


  1. Bloody hell, you're much kinder than I would have been. I'm all for indie promotions, but just because you review should automatically mean you want to be harassed. It sounds like the author collected a whole lot of email addresses and spammed everyone at once. That's why I disabled Google Plus, otherwise they send out mass mail to everyone who's met anyone in those circles. I've has a few doozies in the past year, super aggressive. I'm so sorry you've had to put up with this crap.

    1. Wow, sounds like you had some pretty bad crap from Google Plus. I'm starting to re-think being part of it but I'm afraid it might mess up my settings for other sites.

  2. I infer from reading hundreds of book review policy pages that this is frighteningly common. I'm sorry that it happens - book reviewers/promoters do such a great service that it's a shame they get spammed by people like this.
    At any rate, thanks for what you do for us hopeful authors.

    1. Thanks Colin! 99% of authors I've dealt with online have been great. This is one of the first to be classified under 'idiot'!!!

  3. The exact same person (a "he" - hat-tip to my investigatory team of tech wizard ninjas for the insane amount of information they obtained about this charming individual) did the exact same thing to me, and I'm not even a book reviewer! I believed they just mined G+ (I got a notice of him adding me to G+ a few days before his massive spamming campaign) for anyone with certain keywords in their profile, added them to a mailing list, then proceeded to spam everyone on it with their opus. I replied to them in the negative, to which they did not take kindly. For those that may be interested, details of my experience here WARNING: LANGUAGE/NSFW: (link broken out of respect for your blog) - http : // www [dot] dinajames [dot] com/2014/04/15/of-spammers-and-asshats/

    I have heard from another writer that he did indeed follow through with his threat to spam everyone directly with my email address, as that's how she found and added me. My apologies to anyone he spammed with my response to his mail.

    I blocked him on G+ that very moment, and filtered any further messages from him directly into a private folder just in case he spewed anymore vitriol toward me or made any more threats than he did. As I checked the dates of the incident in order to make this comment, I noticed two new messages in that folder despite his "threat" to remove me from his "friends list." (You can hear me sobbing over there, can't you?) Apparently they are the same messages you detail above, as one has the subject line "Thank you one and all. I will be deleting my book and leaving Gmail."

    Am I supposed to be saddened?

    1. I've just been to your blog and I was laughing my head off at what you said to him! I swear I would not dare to spam you! *giggles* Yeah I wonder why he thought that we'd care if he quit the less moron is always a good thing. Thanks for that post Dina, it made my day!

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention, there's a way to opt out of that G+ email thing that might be useful for you and other reviewers in the future. It's not much, but it might help. I just made sure mine was off so hopefully this won't happen again.

    1. OOh thanks for the info-I might just go and try that today. Thanks Dina!

  5. Well, your first mistake was in responding. Because GMail (supposedly) only allows them to contact you via the G+ interface UNTIL you reply by GMail, which then gives them your email address.

    Actually, everyone I've shared this with thinks you spent far too much time trying to "educate" this guy. I just ignored the spam. But I enjoyed your response vicariously.

    1. That's the problem for people like me who don't know much about computers! The only reason I replied to him is because I'm a book reviewer and I get a lot of similar requests. Still, it was a good subject for a blog post! *grins*

  6. LOL - I was on this distribution list, too, and because the sender didn't even bother to cc: the addresses, I looked through the names to see how many people I knew (just because I was curious), and there were quite a few, including you!

    I didn't bother replying, but I got a kick out of reading yours.

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

    1. I'm discovering a lot of people I know on that list too! If you want a real laugh, follow Dina's link to her blog! She really gave him what for!

  7. Oh heavens. I have noticed lots of people "following" me on G+ which I really don't do. I post blog posts there, but that's it.

    And love for Dina. I read her post too. These people are plain CRAZY! Why would they think that would get them anywhere.

    But I checked my settings and I've been set on No One. So I'm covered. Good luck dear!