Friday, 11 April 2014

Book Review: Fallen series by Julie David

Nathan Ford moves to a new town with his family and while he is interested in a girl-Ashley Waldorf- at his school and he also finds out that he is a Nephilim,half angel and half human and he is the one destined to destroy The Guardians who believe Nephilims are the origin of genetic evil and are to be destroyed and are also the enemy of the fallen angels.

In Fallen,Nathan Ford has been on the run from the guardians with Nathaniel for a year,and he learns two very shocking revelations the first about who his parents are and the second Ashley Waldorf the girl he loves is just like him a nephilim,now she joins him,his mother,Nathaniel,Sandra and Boone on their quest to destroy The Guardians.  

My Review:
Well I attempted to read books one and two in this series and I was shocked by the poor quality in it. I am reviewing books one and two in the same review to save writing the same comments twice.

The spelling was shocking throughout. Sentences had past and present tenses together as if the author could not decide whether she wanted to talk of this as past events or events unfolding so did both and turned it into a mess. Missing commas, capital letters in the middle of words and sentences, bizarre sentence structure, no clear paragraphs, sentences not making sense, missing words etc. And one memorable paragraph in book 2 had 156 words without a full stop in sight!

This was a complete mess and shows real lazyness from the author in not proofreading her work or getting basic English correct before putting it online. In a piece of work that is less than 23 pages long for book one and 17 pages long for book two, that is criminal. The presentation is so bad that you cannot get into the story. I'm so glad that this for free or I'd be howling for a refund. Not even worth one star.
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