Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Book Review: Frat House of the Dead by JK Walker(Salt Lake After Dark)

Rachel Wood has lead a sheltered life. Sure she's a witch, with a talent for technology, but she just doesn't get out much. Halloween night, that all changes when her best friend invites her to a frat party. After someone spikes the punch with an unknown spell, Rachel must devise a magical solution before her and her friends are overwhelmed by... Zombies!

My Review:
Rachel is a witch and has paranormal and human friends. This Halloween she is reluctantly persuaded to go with them to a frat party. But the punch has been spiked with a spell that turns the drinkers into zombies and all hell is breaking loose. Rachel must use her skills and her shifter friends strength to save their human friends and stop the spell.

I had been curious about this series which I'd spotted on a few blogs and when the chance for a freebie prequel came up, I downloaded it to see what it was liked. And I did enjoy it. The reason it did not rate a slightly higher mark was the slow start to the story where Rachel does info dumps about robot building and technology which goes totally over my head and doesn't really add to the story and we follow her all over town to countless shops to get bits for her costume, but once we get past that stuff, the rest is good.

OK the characters first. Rachel is a reclusive geek who obviously fancies one of her girl friends but won't admit it. She is shy and likable which is important in a main character, even if it is a short story. She is also a witch and tries to use her powers with technology to do new things, which is an interesting thought.  In fact I liked all the girls in the gang with their paranormal or human traits. Each one has a story that I hope we see developed in further books in this series.

The plot might not be new but it was fun. Hell it's always fun when party guests turn into zombies and hunt down the un-turned! This book had zombie action, zombie tension, emotional interest, magic, why the heck are you being so dumb moments and humour. For example when Cassie can only find toilet roll to throw at the zombie, Rachel dryly thinks "Charmin just didn't pack enough punch to slow him down" which amused me greatly! There were the 'we must leave the safety of this room' moments where you just knew that it was a bad idea but it was going to happen however loud you yelled at the page! There were lots of adventures through the house to find who spiked the punch and get things to cast the counter spell, all of which led to zombies, humour and extreme danger for someone in the group. It moved at a good pace and kept you interested the whole time.

Based on this I had decided to buy the first book in the series Glacial Eyes on paperback only to be thwarted by it being totally unavailable!!! WTF??? The rest of the books are on Amazon but not that one which kinda wrecks things a bit...hope it's a temporary issue!
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