Thursday, 3 April 2014

Book Review: Valhalla Unleashed by Garry Charles

What happens when a Viking long boat is discovered down a UK coal mine? What happen's when the passengers are undead and hungry for flesh? This is that story... This special edition has extra features in the form of three journal entries found after the zombie outbreak.

When a Viking Longboat and its corpse crew are found buried deep inside a coal mine countless miles from the sea, it is an incredible historical find. Miners and experts are anxious to get underground, the miners to get back to digging and the experts to see the boat...but in the dark the corpses are not dead.

My Review:

This was a fun gory horror short story with Viking zombies and death in the dark. There were the usual obnoxious cast of miners and supervisors who were rude, sexist and annoying but who cares when most are going to be chomped! I'm never bothered much about character development in something short and this was an enjoyable story. Now as a woman I have seen my share of sexist gits and this book has them in abundance but I have to admit that I was laughing at the sole woman's furious outbursts at their comments and I was still laughing when the zombies started coming towards her while she was taking a toilet break. I mean, it would have to happen like that wouldn't it! There you are stuck underground with your bladder on critical and you find a dark corner to go to and the zombies are coming to eat you! It follows the usual plot of people wandering around in the dark and getting eaten but what do you expect in a zombie short story?

My confusion about this is the content of the ebook. On p16 the press are waiting to hear about what has been found, on p17 we are reading extracts from someone's diaries about zombies. Now is this the same book or a totally different short story? That is never explained which was a bit annoying. I'm assuming that it is a different story or at least a different story relating to the same outbreak but I'd like to know for sure.

Not the greatest horror story ever told but it was a nice short zombie filled read.
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