Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Film Review: Wrath of the Titans (2012)

After the death of his wife, Perseus is asked by Zeus to join a war to stop Kronos and the demons escaping their prison and destroying Olympus. Perseus is reluctant to get involved until he finds out that Zeus has been kidnapped by Hades, and used to release the demons. It is a race against time to find and rescue Zeus before the world is ended.
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Sequels can often be hit and miss but I actually enjoyed this film more than the first one, Clash of the Titans. The acting again was excellent. Liam Neeson is a vulnerable and tired Zeus as he struggles for survival and begins to regret some of his choices in the past, making him more sympathetic than the all powerful cold Zeus we normally see in the films. I really enjoy the complex relationship between Zeus and his brother Hades. Hades played brilliantly by Ralph Fiennes is not just a bad guy. In this portrayal you can see why he is so bitter and twisted over what his brothers did to him, and you do havesympathy for him. There are some really good emotional scenes between these characters which adds a lot to the plot. There is a lot more humour in this fil supplied by the brilliantly crazy Bill Nighy and Toby Kebbell, who plays the son of Poseidon. I also liked the character of Aries who needed a serious ass kicking!

The special effects were excellent especially the scenes in the Underworld when Kronos was trying to get free. We also get some good action scenes involving the Cyclops and the big epic battle scene at the end where Andromeda leads her troops into battle. So it was a good mixture of action and adventure with humour thrown in for good measure. Definitely recommend this film for fans of adventure, fantasy, action and mythology.
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