Saturday, 29 March 2014

Book Review: Ten Days by Dymphna

Once bitten ten days. Ten days till the end and a new terrible beginning.

She is bitten by a zombie in a stupid reckless moment of not paying attention and now she is in hospital, waiting for the infection to start, the man she loves watching helplessly. On average it takes ten days from infection to death and the clock is ticking.

This was totally different from other zombie short stories that I've read and I did like it. It is powerful prose, describing in detail each stage of the infection shutting down her body, telling it from her point of view. We share her fears, her regrets and her pain as the infection increases. WE see the nervous hospital staff trying to look after her without risking infection. We see her lover's despair and terror as he tries to comfort her with words that are lies. It actually made me wonder if this is what it would feel like and if I am bitten by a zombie, I hope I don't have to suffer this fate. Horrible stuff.

I got this as a free download and I would certainly read more in this genre by the author. I liked the way she told the story and although it lacks action, it has emotional depth to it. A nice short story in the zombie genre.

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