Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Book Review: Cherry Kisses by Erica Hayes(Shadowfae #4.5)

Sexy con-artist Lena Falco isn't a witch, not technically. She uses her cache of stolen magic tricks to seduce and bedazzle her marks. When she's hired by a demon to steal a cursed magical amulet from a monstrous tower in Hell, it must be her lucky day. The prize? A single wish—whatever she wants.

The catch? There's competition: Ethan Benford, swordsman and enchanter, arrogant, maddeningly sexy and the only incorruptible man in town.

Lena's been burnt before by Ethan's easy charm, and she vows he'll meet his match this time. But is ultimate power worth betraying the only man who truly believes in her?

My Review:
Lena is a con-artist Lena Falco who steals magic from others to use on her victims. Now a demon has made her an offer-go to Hell and retreive a box for him and he will grant her a wish. The other complication is that her failed mentor Ethan wants to find it too and they have to pair up if they are going to make it back alive.

I don't normally read book 4.5 before any others in the series but I was told that it could be read as a stand alone book and it was also free. Did I mention that I really loved the cover as well? Lena is a fun character-crooked, feisty, daring and always looking for the easy way out. Instead of learning magic from Ethan, Lena prefers to be lazy and steal small bits of magic but this demon wish could grant her all the power she has dreamed of. Ethan is the nice guy who wants to help Lena get a better life but she won't help herself.

I liked the plot. The idea that junkies can take a drug that lets them visit Hell for a short period where they can do whatever they want and if they are still alive when the time is up, they are brought back home. This is how our heroes get to Hell on their mission. From the second they get there, they are under attack from all kinds of interesting monsters and the pace of the plot is relentless. This book is certainly urban fantasy based, not paranormal romance based so expect violence and monster gore!

I liked the ending as well. It fits with the Lena that we have followed through the book and I found myself smiling a bit at it. It was nicely worked out and I certainly enjoyed the whole adventure. The author does a good job of character development and mixes the plot with some snarky humour and fun stuff.

This made me want to read the rest of the series but it has been described as erotic paranormal romance which does not appeal to me. The reviews I've looked at seem to back it up and I can't be bothered with endless sex scenes interrupting a good plot. What a pity, as I thought I'd uncovered an author that I was going to really like! Bummer.
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  1. Look at that cover. Catches my eye. And does sound like an amazing start to the series. :) Thank you.

    1. This is book 4.5 in the series...the rerst sound pretty sexed up!