Friday, 21 March 2014

Book Review: Zombie Immunity by Bret Wellman

One year after the fated outbreak of zombies in New York, the dreaded disease has reappeared. This time the zombies are too much for the military to defend and the United States is lost.
After losing her entire family to the zombies, a young woman named Dany is forced to seek shelter on her own. The journey, though hard, is not impossible because of one thing. Dany is immune to becoming a zombie.
Could the hope of humanity rest on the shoulders of a young woman wandering alone in a zombie infested world? 

My Review:
Everyone that Dany knows died in the zombie apocalypse but she is somehow immune to their bites. She is travelling to a quarantine zone in New Jersey where she thinks safety can still be found.

Lets start with the good. My favourite character was the dog who had plenty personality. The action scenes with the zombies are written fine and there is no problem with the ideas behind the story. But I did have issues with a few things.

OK first of all, I hated Dany. She is a rude little bitch to everyone she meets on the road and needs a good slap. When she meets another teenage girl who has been living in a car since her parents turned, Dany takes the opportunity to sneer at her for not having any fighting skills. Dany hardly covered herself in glory with what happened to her brother yet she thinks she has the right to be mean to this girl who was doing fine for herself before Dany messes things up for her. When she is given shelter by a family, she is rude to the young guy who doesn't have much to say. I really wanted to see her getting chewed to death by a pack of zombies.

There were a couple of plot holes that gave me a serious headache as well. Dany has been travelling from Missouri to Ohio using cars as much as walking yet somehow near Ohio's border she is just sitting in a tree and sees her zombie parents strolling by. How did they get to Ohio ahead of her, jet pack? They were bitten in Missouri yet shambling around, they still beat a healthy girl and multiple cars? Oh come on! I know it is put there for dramatic purposes but it just could not happen!

I don't usually put a spoiler for how the book ends but I'm going to in this case so if you don't want to see it stop reading and skip to the next paragraph. OK you were warned! When Dany finally reaches quarantine and tells the army that she is immune, they decide to drain her blood and kill her to use her blood for research. Now seriously, if they find someone immune, the army would be smart enough to take some blood for research, keep her alive, then remove more once her body had replenished itself. That way you have a plentiful supply to keep using while you search for a cure instead of killing your only hope! That just does not compute! I know again it was for dramatic purposes that this ending was chosen, and I wasn't sad to see her die but the army just wouldn't do that so it bugged me. I'd have preferred her to get ripped apart...

One star is probably a bit mean as there is nothing wrong with the author or his storytelling ability but there was just too much that I didn't like about it for rating any higher.
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  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. It does seem like an interesting read but I wonder how much story you actually get for 33 pages? Hmm.

    ★ Under The Mountain ★

    1. I've had a few really good short stories recently but of course in amongst that you get the ones you really don't like! I suppose it' s a lottery with every book you pick up whatever the length...*grins*