Tuesday, 25 March 2014

ApocalypZe: Those left behind by Ivan Turner

Matt Baker is a neuro-biologist working for a prominent laboratory. He awakens one Thursday morning to a call from one of his colleagues.

"Are you sick? Everyone's sick."

The changes to the world are noticeable almost as soon as he steps out the door, but the full impact of what is upon them only becomes clear as they begin their research on the unfortunate victims left behind.

By the end of this story, you will get to know Matt Baker and some of the people that will accompany him on his journey through the ApocalypZe. Is he a survivor or just another meal for the ravenous hordes waiting on his doorstep?

My Review:
Three scientists turn up to work and are stuck indoors with dying colleagues and zombies trying to get inside. Matt wonders if they could examine the brain of one of the recently dead to get some answers but with the threat all around them, is there time?

These short stories are being released free to tempt you to buy the main series and from what I saw here, it could be a good read. The author introduces us to Matt with as much character development as you can do in a short story and he builds up the tension nicely as the sick colleagues start to die in front of them and go zombie, while the survivors try to decide what to do next. The plot is good, it is well written and enjoyable.

I did however wonder why Matt would go to the trouble of wanting to examine a newly dead brain to see what is there and if it offers hope of a cure, only to decide minutes later that he should leave the relative safety of the building. He wants to take a colleague to hospital who is going to die any second and become a zombie. That seemed a bit dumb to me for a scientist, especially when he doesn't even like her! I would think that he would have a plan in mind before wanting to run out of the building! But that is just a wee niggle because that plot decision is for dramatic purposes and takes the story forward in a new direction.

If you like your zombies traditional and deadly, this may well appeal to you. Good short read.

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If a billion people had been spared the horror of the zombie infection, that would still leave five billion zombies on the planet. If only the odds had been that good. Lieutenant Dan Killmeyer is sitting on a powder keg. Every sick person on base is about to die. And every dead person will become an aggressive, flesh eating zombie. The order is evacuate. But evacuate who?

Lieutenant Dan Killmeyer and Corporal Dwayne Martinson are very different people. Young and smart, Dan has earned his rank by displaying calm leadership and a spotless record. But when the colonel summons him in the middle of the night and shares with him the knowledge of what the world is about to become, Dan must make some very difficult decisions in order to ensure the survival of those around him.

Martinson, on the other hand, is older, more seasoned, and very happy to remain a corporal. A brilliant sharpshooter, Martinson's talent gets called into play in a way that he would have never expected.

My Review:
Dan is summoned by his dying Colonel who informs him that the rampant flu on the base is a zombie plague that will kill everyone if not controlled. Dan and his men must evacuate the sick, including his own wife, in buses to a location where they can be disposed off to keep the base safe and dependable. But the evacuation is time consuming and the people are already starting to turn...

I enjoyed this zombie tale, the second one I have read by the author, setting the scene for the main series which is to come. Dan is given quite a bombshell to deal with, trying not to grieve for his wife's fate while trying to take control of a situation that could explode at any minute. This is fast paced with the soldiers running around trying to get the sick onto buses and get weapons, while Dan is keeping in radio contact with the soldiers who are taking the sick away. When things go pear shaped, events speed up and the tension goes through the roof.

This is the kind of zombie story that I like to read-good characters, tension, plot, zombie attacks. Very enjoyable short story.
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