Saturday, 8 March 2014

Book Review: Stolen by Kelley Armstrong(WOTO #2)

When a young witch tells Elena that a group of humans are kidnapping supernaturals, Elena ignores the warning. After all, everyone knows there’s no such thing as witches. As for the thought of other ‘supernaturals’, well, she’d just rather not dwell on the possibility. Soon, however, she’s confronted with the truth about her world, when she’s kidnapped and thrown into a cell-block with witches, sorcerers, half-demons and other werewolves. As Elena soon discovers, dealing with her fellow captives is the least of her worries. In this prison, the real monsters carry the keys.

My Review:
Elena is approached by 2 witches who know that she is a werewolf,wanting her to attend a supernatural meeting to discuss a dangerous common enemy who is kidnapping supernatural creatures. Elena and her pack ignore the warnings and she finds herself imprisoned in a private lab where supernaturals are tested and killed whe no further use for them can be found. Can the inmates find a way to escape or can Jeremy's pack come to her rescue in time?
I like strong female characters and this is a good example. Elena is tough, likeable and intelligent, just what I want to see in my heroine! She isn't perfect, she is impatient and makes mistakes but that is part of why I like her. Even supernatural girls aren't perfect! And the wolves are back for another book!(I'm a big Jeremy fan!)We get to see a different side to the relationship between Clay and Elena which was pretty frosty in book one. I like Clay so much better now that his character has developed a bit, though you can see that he is the real monster in the pack with less human attributes than the others.

We are introduced to other interesting characters who we'll see through the series. Ruth and Paige are related witches and Ruth is a fellow prisoner, trying to help the young captive witch Savannah to learn her craft while imprisoned, while Paige is part of the outside rescue team. I liked Adam the half demon, with his witty sarcasm and Cassandra the vampire who has no morals or conscience at all, and that made for some interesting scenes. Paige needed a bit of a slap at times and got on my nerves with her bitchy attitude.

The plot is pretty exciting and it keeps you gripped to the end. I liked the way it was totally different from Bitten, where the pack fought rogue werewolves, and now the enemy is human. I never really knew what to make of Sandra, whether she would turn out to be friend or enemy but I certainly didn't expect to see what happened with her. Rich Psycho boy...well you just wanted Clay to eat him didn't you? That was certainly what I wanted to see in extremely gory detail! I hated the guy, which means the author did a good job in writing him. 

Having your heroine locked up for most of the book and keeping the plot ticking over the whole time says a lot about the skill of the author. I was hooked by this book from the start. You had the tension filled scenes where things in the compound were going wrong, the scary life or death hunts set up by the rich psychopath, Sandra's insane choices, and the big finale which was brilliant. I've read this book a few times now and I love it more each time. This is one of my favourite book series.
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  1. I love this series and the Elena and Clay books are my favourites, they are such a great couple! I really want to re-read this series once, it's one of my favourite series too. Great Review!

    1. I loved the werewolves! I felt they were abandoned for the extremely annoying Savannah later in the series. I've still got 4 of the series to read so must finish it!