Monday, 28 July 2014

My Latest Musings #10 Glasgow 2014

I've decided each week to talk a bit about my previous week and what I enjoyed reading and watching, my plans for the coming week and any news I have. Hopefully that will motivate me to get things done!

This week has been a bit mixed-great because I've been watching the Commonwealth Games and cheering on all the home nations but crap because of this endless damn heatwave. I don't do well in the heat and it makes me very grumpy! I'm not sleeping and only feel like eating junk food. We did have a cooler weekend but the sun is back today which is annoying. I like the cold winter days in front of the fire, reading or watching TV! I can't stand hot summers in a house with no air conditioning!!! Grrr.

But to the Commonwealth Games. Scotland have put on a good show and I'm glad to see that England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and each Channel Island are getting good support from the crowd. I've loved the cycling, swimming, triathlon, marathon and rugby while my dad is currently doing his own commentary on the bowls-so any spelling mistakes here are his fault for putting me off! Who could fail to be inspired by the gold medal for the Power Monkey and the Big Man in the para tandem cycling or the 13 year old schoolgirl getting bronze in the pool? How about the Brits in the pool? The Welsh girl with 5 silvers and a gold in the gymnastics, the home nations in the velodrome, the judo medal haul, the list goes on. Great sight for UK sports fans seeing all the young athletes coming through.

Favourite moments? The Power Monkey and big Craig getting that second gold, The Aussie Michael Shelley winning the marathon, The Brownlee brothers dominating the triathlon, Frankie Jones getting that gymnastics gold just before she retires, Jason Kenny getting that silver against all odds in the velodrome, Ross Murdoch's expression winning his gold in the pool. So many things to enjoy!

And today I bought myself a few Commonwealth souvenirs including a big Clyde mascot to cuddle. Is he not the coolest Games mascot ever? I got a Clyde mug, Clyde pin badge and keyring, postcard, Glasgow 2014 badge and keyring, Clyde wallet. Not bad at all.

Now I can look forward to the athletics!

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