Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Book Review: The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K Hamilton(Anita Blake #2)

Harold Gaynor offers Anita Blake a million dollars to raise a 300-year-old zombie. Knowing it means a human sacrifice will be necessary, Anita turns him down. But when dead bodies start turning up, she realizes that someone else has raised Harold's zombie--and that the zombie is a killer. Anita pits her power against the zombie and the voodoo priestess who controls it.

In The Laughing Corpse Anita will learn that there are some secrets better left buried-and some people better off dead...

My Review:
Anita is having another bad week. A rich man wants her to raise a zombie using human sacrifice but she refuses and this response does not go down well. She upsets a voodoo Queen who decides to have her killed by zombies. A fellow animator is murdered and what he raised is murdering innocent people all over town. Plus Jean-Claude is still trying to make her his human servant. Just another typical week for Anita...
What I like about Anita is that she isn't perfect. She kills vampires but she is scared of them. She screams and panics when under attack by zombies as any normal person would be. She hates the dark because she knows what lurks out there. She jogs so she can run faster and longer if she is being chased. She vomits at gory crime scenes. I like the vulnerability and realism of her character. She has morals and a determination to stick to those values, standing up to scary creatures even as she shakes with fear doing it. She will not blindly go into any human servant deal until she knows exactly what she is signing up to, however much pressure she is put under. You like her and could be her friend if she doesn't bring home the monsters with her. Got to feel for all her neighbours!

There is a good balance between her complicated relationship with Jean Claude and her investigative work. There are good characters who all have different relationships with Anita which are interesting to explore. The book is gory and had the added interest of exploring voodoo.

Another enjoyable read.
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