Monday, 28 July 2014

Book Review: Bloody Bones by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake #5)

When Anita Blake's boss at Animators, Inc., informs her that she's expected to raise 300-year-old zombies from a field of jumbled bones just to settle a land dispute, she's understandably annoyed. But as soon as she arrives in Branson, Missouri, to do the deed, the job gets more interesting. A psychotic sword-wielding vampire starts committing multiple murders in the area, and Anita must call on Jean-Claude, her powerful fanged suitor, for help. As always, Anita prevails over the undead, keeping Jean-Claude at arm's length, clearing the cemetery land of an ancient enchantment, and nailing the vampiric killer in one fell swoop.

"First, there were the dead in the graveyard - two-hundred years dead. I'd been hired to raise them to settle a dispute over who owned the land they were buried in.

Then there were the three dead teenagers in the woods, slaughtered in a way I had never seen before.

And then they found the dead girl, drained of blood and left in her bed.

I knew what that meant, all right. It didn't take a degree in preternatural studies to figure out that something was very wrong in and around Branson, Missouri. My name is Anita Blake. Welcome to my life...

My Review:
Teenagers are being kidnapped and murdered by a dangerous predator. Anita and Larry need to raise a whole graveyard of corpses. A Fae is using magic illegally and causing Anita grief. If this wasn't enough, she has to call Jean Claude for help, knowing that this gives him a chance to spend time with her without Richard interfering.

This was not one of my favourite books-in fact it's the one I liked least out of the early books. I felt there were too many sub plots each fighting for attention but they are all really background to the Anita and Jean Claude love story developing. I liked the idea of these subplots if they had been a bit more fleshed out. But they feel like background to the love/lust story developing. You can see that now Anita's view of the vampire is changing, becoming more potential lover than monster.

Anita is a real asshat in this book and her attitude annoyed me at times. Getting bitchy at not being as pretty as other girls seems damn stupid for someone juggling the attentions of Jean Claude and Richard, and adopting dangerous flirtations with Edward. She is rude to everyone and acts like a real idiot at times. Concentrate on killing the monsters and less about your appearance, honey.

However there is enough decent writing to keep me interested in the series and see what happens. Despite the love story dominating the book, I am still interested to see how the whole thing pans out and who she goes for. (OK I have read on in the series and know what happens but I'm just getting round to these reviews now so I'm writing as if I don't know!) These early books are good urban fantasy adventures where vampires are dangerous predators and werewolves are hot tempered and violent. This is why I like the series so far.
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