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Book Review: A world of terror anthology

The authors of ASMSG have determined this Halloween to be a great time for Terror. Ghouls, ghosts, vamps, death, and psychos reign in World of Terror. Twenty stories of fright and nightmares await you as you peruse these tales of fear and horror. Enjoy, and don't forget to keep a bed light on just in case.

My Review: 
Here is a brief bit about each one that I read:

Murielle Cyr-Class Reunion
A pupil from June's past arrives to ruin her chance of promotion.

I liked this one. June was a real bitch to her pupils and staff and you want her to get what she deserves. Nicely told and developed (3 star)

Danielle DeVor-Dawn
Something evil is chasing a boy and he is 'saved' by a werewolf.

I liked the tension filled start then it kinda fizzled out a bit. OK I guess (2 star)

Wodke Hawkinson-Death hates his job
The Grim Reaper becomes depressed over his role in people's lives and is shown how important he is.

It was a bit like a twisted form of It's a Wonderful Life. Ok. (2 star)

Simon Okill-Nightmare Circus
I'm still trying to work out what the hell this was about. It seemed a very confusing mix of dreams about a circus, a circus psycho gameshow and torture. It jumps around so much that I couldn't work out what was going on. (1 star)

Lucy Pireel-Hunger
The coven test a new recruit on a mission to the city to see if he defeats temptation.

This one has potential and had an interesting concept. Decent read. (2.5 stars)

Chad Huskins- Jesse came to the dead tree
Nobody believes that Hannah ever existed but Jessie knows that the garden tree took her and goes out for answers.

This was a creepy little tale with a nice twist. (2.5 stars)

Berk Washburn-Millie
Millie faces a night in the house alone with someone trying to break in.

This one was ok but so predictable. The twist was no surprise. (2 stars)

JJ Toner-The Perfect Woman
A scientist creates the perfect woman in a lab but he is not her perfect man.

Creepy, intriguing Frankenstein twist. Decent read. (3 stars)

JC Eggleton-The blight moon dark lords club
A first outing into society for the Ice Queen is not a success.

Boring posh club setting with bland characters. (1 star)

Tony Gilbert-The Clearing
Um, weird story about dying birds sucking the life out of people with creepy guy doing something? Bizarre, odd and boring. (1 star)

Billy Ray Chitwood-The Closet
The bedroom closet in a man's dream home is a place where aliens can abduct.

Sounds weird but this was a clever little story that I enjoyed. (3 star)

Ann Swann-The Fee
The cost of a fertility deal with the devil.

This was a creepy, atmospheric story that was enjoyable with a nice twist. (3 star)

PJ Perryman-The land of Nobel
A weird story about a deserted gas station sucking people into another dimension. (1 star)

Michelle Brown-The Maid
Weird and bizarre sci-fi about an infected spaceship and strange employee. (1 star)

Oscar Wager II-The Mansion
A poem? It wasn't good either. (1 star)

Joe Pringle-The old oak tree
Average story of a girl making contact with ghosts. (2 star)

Thomas Ryan-The Wooden Chest
Two kids travel to grampa's house and discover the family secret.

I really liked this one! You don't mess with grampa! (3.5 star)

Claude Nougat-Wrong Move
Boring family story. (1 star)

Lauren Scharhag-Zombie Anonymous
A group of zombies who rediscovered their emotions after a semi-cure meet at a self help group.

An intriguing read that I would like to see developed into a proper novella or novel. This has real potential. (3 star) 
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