Sunday, 15 June 2014

Book Review: Spooky Stacks anthology

A free collection of four spooky tales by bestselling horror authors Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry, Scott Nicholson, and Bryan Smith. 15,000 words, part of the Spooky Stacks signed book giveaway for Halloween. 

My Review: 
Four horror stories by well known authors. One was great but the others left me cold.

Brian Keene-Fast Zombies Suck
Ken is a zombie fan who has seen the films and read the books, and everyone agrees that if a zombie apocalypse comes, Ken will know what to do. So the theory is tested when Ken goes out to dump the trash and sees zombies shambling around the street.

This was a gem of a short story. I felt an affinity for Ken as I'm a big zombie fan, and yes I have escape plans and things 'just in case'! So I could imagine being in his shoes when he sees the zombies coming to his house. I would have been barricading myself in though, while a scared but determined Ken grabs his gun and gets ready to take action.

This story will appeal to non zombie fans as well because there is no blood and gore or brain eating incidents. This story is quirky, funny and has that beautiful twist that turns the story on its head. Lovely! I also like the fact that Ken sneers at Brian Keene's books for having fast moving zombies which he does not believe in. I think it shows that the author has a sense of humour if he pokes fun at his other work.

I have ten of his novels which I picked up in a sale but haven't read so this was my first experience of Brian's writing and I wasn't disappointed! Can't wait to read the rest of his work! (4 star)

Bryan Smith-Pizza Face
A pizza delivery man stumbles into a violent home invasion situation.

I felt that this story was lacking direction and cohesion. The home invasion was all a bit chaotic with the story drifting along aimlessly. Then after the big plan, we get an info dump epilogue. (1 star)

Scott Nicholson-A Farewell to Arms
Two survivors are hiding in a barn as the zombies close in on them.

This was not a great read. The characters were unpleasant, the story seemed confused and aimless and I just wanted the zombies to eat them both. (1 star)

Jonathan Maberry-Cooked
I didn't finish this book. I despised the idiot main characters and their behaviour and had no interest in continuing with it.
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  1. Briane Keene sounds interesting, I'll have to look into his work!

    1. He's one of many horror authors I picked up books of in a sale...lots of creepy sounding stories! Hope to get to the novels soon.