Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Book Review: Dead-The Gruesome Tale of Garrett and Kirstin by TW Brown

This was billed as a gruesome horror tale which is what attracted me to it but that is not in truth what we get. Yes the zombies are there but only really feature twice in any important capacity-the beginning where Garrett sees the apocalypse as an opportunity to start his depraved journey and at the end.

This is quite simply a rape novel with zombies in the background who get mentioned occasionally to remind you that they are still there. Garrett rapes the corpse of the girl next door he fancies AFTER she becomes a zombie, he rapes various women he rescues from the streets and then he breaks into a house and starts raping, violating and humiliating a young girl on every second page. That got old and boring very quickly. Garrett rapes her, someone looks out the window to see the zombies are still there, lets have another rape, Garrett goes to eat while his victim cries, hey another rape just for a change! Or maybe a nice violation or something just to change it up a wee bit. *Yawn*

Now I like a gruesome horror and don't mind sexual violence(hell I read Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee!) but this was just rape after rape after rape with no attempt at developing this into a proper horror book. There was no tension or attempted escape to get you rooting for the girl, no imagination in the story development just a rape-athon, no character development, no story flow or complex unfolding plot to keep you interested the way Ketchum and King deliver. There is nothing to get you wondering what might come next(you know it's just going to be another rape anyway). It's just boring.

I wasn't impressed by this book at all. If you are going to do gruesome horror you need to have something more than just rape every second page to keep your readers hooked. I certainly won't be continuing with this series and I don't recommend it. Disappointing because I know the author can produce much better writing than this.

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