Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year New Blog!

So another year has begun and I certainly hope it is better than the last one. It got off to a rocky start with
my mum back in hospital from December 30th right through New Year which was depressing for all of us to say the least. Still no answers from the doctors as to what is going on so we have to keep waiting. 

This year there will be a lot of changes in my blog world. I found that I was spending so much time on blog tours, memes and author promotion that I wasn't getting time to read as much as I wanted so I fell behind on my reviews. This year I plan to get more organised and get back to reading for fun as well as making more time for me stuff ie watching films, catching up on TV! So here are my aims for the new year:

1-read more books
2-clear the shelves in my house to give me more room
3-catch up on series I started and never finished
4-keep up to date on posting book reviews
5-get more fun stuff on the blog

I'll be adding film and tv series reviews as well as talking about issues in the world that interest me or that I want to rant about! This year my blog followers will get a chance to see the person behind the blog a bit more instead of just endless promotional stuff. I will still be doing author promotion, blog tours and book promotion but it will not dominate the blog in the same way as it has been. Hopefully the blog will become a bit more interesting to read this year! Lots to look forward to in the world of sport as well with the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Winter Olympics in Russia, football world cup in Brazil, Ryder Cup, ICC cricket 20-20 from Bangladesh and lots more! Couch potatoes like me are getting ready for great entertainment.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me and left comments on the blog. Please remember that I moderate the comments before they are published so they might not appear for a few days. I don't censor opinions but I will censor offensive comments!

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  1. Happy New Year! I got a bit lost around the holiday, but I think I'm back...or I think so. ;) Hope you have a great year and met all your goals. :)