Friday, 17 January 2014

Film Review: Bait(2012)

During a general store robbery which goes badly wrong, a freak tsunami hits a coastal Australian town and floods it. The survivors in the store are concerned with how they are going to get out before it floods completely...until they notice that the wave has brought a great white shark into the aisles to complicate matters. Now they must race against the clock as well as the shark to get out alive.
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For a big film fan, last year was a complete bust as I barely had time to watch anything. This year I was determined to do better and this was the first one that I chose to watch. I LOVE shark films and this one was pretty enjoyable overall.

The concept was certainly different from normal. Who expects to get eaten by a great white shark while browsing for cheese in the grocery store or supermarket? That will give you more nightmares than the cheese ever will! The first part of the film gives you the background story to a love affair that was destroyed by a shark attack and the couple come face to face again just before this new shark crisis develops. The film could probably have done well enough without this element but unlike some films, the love sub-plot doesn't actually spoil it. The robbery sub-plot has the element of farce in it, but it is used to introduce all the characters that are about to be stranded so it was ok as well. Surprisingly for these monster movies, it does get into the story pretty quickly.

You have the usual mix of characters-the bank robber, the obnoxious store boss, the cop and his rebel daughter, the estranged love couple, the bimbo, the annoying boyfriend etc but at least all the cast can act which makes a change and you'll recognise a few from other Australian films. You do warm to the majority of characters once the disaster gets underway. And you have the added advantage of the gorgeous Julian McMahon swimming around! (Home and Away, Nip/Tuck) There are gory death scenes, the tension filled moments when somebody falls into the water or has to do something dangerous, the worry over whether the dog will survive...all things that make for an entertaining and enjoyable film for shark fans. 

There were inventive scenes in this film that I hadn't seen in shark films before ie the guy who goes to switch off the power using a home made shark cage to protect him. I liked that originality and the scene was very well executed. The film score was good and helped build up the tension though you had to supply the Jaws theme for yourself when someone gets in the water! (da-dum, da-dum...) There is plenty of action as the film moves along at good pace and the sharks are damn scary looking. The version I watched was filmed as 3D so on a normal TV, a few special effects looked pretty fake but nothing to spoil my viewing. I imagine watching on a 3D TV would be pretty effective.

These films are never going to be cinema masterpieces but it you like your shark films with death, blood and tension, give this one a try.

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