Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Film Review: Shark Week(2012)

A group of strangers are abducted to the island fortress of a mad mafia man, each connected to the others by the death of this madman's son. Now they have one week and a series of shark related challenges to survive if they want a chance to live. 
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OK I love sharks and shark films, Jaws being one of my all time favourite films, and I liked the concept of these strangers all having to work together to get past each shark to survive another day. It was a pretty inventive plot idea-sadly the film itself did not live up to expectations.

First, the good things. As I said, I liked the concept. Who doesn't enjoy a madman feeding people to his sharks? There is a reason why I loved The Spy who loved me and Live and let Die! I liked the shark challenges that the strangers had to take on, which were ok considering the obvious lack of budget. The added plot of the minefield was a decent idea. Er, that's pretty much it for The Good.

The Bad? Where to start! I like Patrick Bergin as an actor(Sleeping with the Enemy) but this was an appalling performance from him and from Yancy Butler(Witchblade), who I expected more from. I place the blame on the director getting them to play the bad guys so over the top that it leaves you cringing. The rest of the cast were just plain terrible. In some scenes they were turning to deliver a line to the camera like a theatre production soliloquy! It looked really weird coming from the Vin Diesel wannabe. The budget was so cheap that most of the shark scenes were filmed in dark underwater caverns so you don't even see a good death, which is kinda the point in shark films! Without bloody attack scenes and special effects, you rely on tension  and caring about the characters. The tension was there during each challenge but there was no attempt at real character development so you didn't really care if they all died. And to say the ending was lame was putting it mildly.

Didn't really like this film at all. Had potential but did not deliver.
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