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Film Review: Apollo 18(2011)

Footage of the secret Apollo 18 mission to the Moon was uncovered and shows why NASA never wanted to go back to the Moon. The astronauts come under attack from killer rock creatures
which also disrupt communications and a rescue will not be coming for them.
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I was interested to see just how many conspiracy theory people there are online arguing that this film footage was real and that Apollo 18 really happened. Those who see this as just a Hollywood film were going crazy trying to tell them that they were wrong. There were arguments about how the film footage got back to Earth ie was the footage streamed from the module or did it need to come back to Earth in physical form. They yelled and screamed about footage quality and whether these rock spiders should have invaded Earth as rocks were brought back on other Apollo missions.

For me, the overwhelming factor that says this is just a Hollywood film is that the footage which was meant to be recovered from either Space or NASA, featured 3 actors called Warren Christie, Ryan Robbins and Nate Walker! Warren Christie who plays Ben was born in 1975, AFTER this mission took place so why is he and the others in the footage if it is 'real'? Hmmm? He has since appeared in 'Alphas' on TV so he is very much alive...And on IMDB it tells you of a goof in the film during the moon footage "When the two astronauts are driving the Rover, trying to find back the Russian capsule, the skyline of a city can be seen in the background for a few seconds, revealing that the scene was shot on Earth, rather than the Moon."So, not believing it is real.

As a film I was expecting a lot more. For an 86 minute film, it really dragged for me and I thought it was never going to end. It follows The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity style of you not being able to see what was happening, not hearing some of what was said, being too dark to work out what was going on etc. The rock things were the most boring alien life form ever and reminded me of old 70's sci-fi series with no budget for special effects. It is slow and 'atmospheric' and there is no build of of tension because you don't really see anything worth noting for most of the film. There were a couple of semi interesting scenes where the rocks finally attack people, and the actual crash was ok but it was a long wait to get to that point. The acting was good considering the lack of script and action provided for them.

Overall, it was not a great film and it did not keep me entertained. My mind kept wandering off during the endless quiet spells and I certainly would not watch it again. Disappointing. 
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