Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Book Review: Matt Archer Legend by Kendra C Highley(Matt Archer #3)

When Matt Archer was fourteen, he was chosen—by a magic, spirit-inhabited knife—to hunt monsters with a special paranormal division of the Army. When he was fifteen, he was thrown into a global war the rest of the world didn’t know existed.

Now Matt’s sixteen and the war has cost him more than he ever thought it would. He’s also learned that the knife-spirits have an agenda he doesn’t totally agree with. The only problem? The spirits have the upper hand, and they plan to control the fight—and Matt.

Then things get worse: the next lunar eclipse cycle is starting, a prominent physicist has gone missing, and Matt’s best friend is thinking about quitting the team. If he loses Will—after everyone else he’s lost—Matt’s not sure how he’ll fight alone.

As the source of his nightmares starts to creep out of the shadows, Matt knows he’ll need all the help he can get…because being alone could prove deadly.

My Review: 
*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Matt is dealing with heartbreak, guilt, a knife that tries to take over his mind, and his most dangerous mission yet. Now the threat comes from Africa in the form of mutant cats and he has to deal with news about his family bloodline, explaining why he was chosen for the knife. Getting answers only adds to the responsibility weighing Matt down.

I like the fact that Matt has evolved from the smartass kid to the weary soldier over the course of this series. We see him struggle with his destiny, and having responsibility for the lives of the team is difficult for him to cope with. I enjoy his love/hate relationship with Tink which is becoming a battle of wills as she seeks to fully control his mind in battle, with Matt desperate to hang onto his independence. And now Will is assuming some of that responsibility, Matt has fears for his best friend. He is also worried about baby Kate losing one or both of her parents on his watch, plus he has relationship issues with Ella and his brother Brent. It is a tough time for Matt and it really adds something to the story.

The plot again is all action with some spectacular battle scenes but this time we learn a bit more about Matt's destiny, and a prophecy about the knife wielders. There is still the humour with Matt and Will, tension over who on the team will survive each battle and wondering what can possibly come next in this plot! There are never boring bits, the book flows along nicely and you just keep wanting to read the next chapter.

The characters really do play such an important part in this book. Every time a new battle starts you start to hope that your favourites will make it through ok. New characters are continually coming into the series and they all seem to fit nicely into the story, even if not all of them are there for long. I also continue to enjoy seeing Matt at home with his family, dealing with the normal issues facing a teenage boy, something that the author handles very well.

I don't want to give out too many spoilers but I really do recommend this series for older YA readers and adults who enjoy urban fantasy, monster paranormal or action adventure stories. This series has such a good mix of action, angst and humour that there is something for every reader to enjoy. And I have now ordered books 1-3 in paperback for my own collection! 
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  1. Interesting. A new book to me. :) Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great series and it definitely should be read in order. I got my copies in paperback from Amazon this week...yea!