Friday, 24 January 2014

Film Review: Battleship(2012)

During a military international war games event near Hawaii, an alien invasion advance team trap a handful of ships inside a force field and attack them. Cut off from the fleet, the survivors must find a way to destroy the alien ships and prevent them from sending a message from a communications centre to summon the rest of the alien fleet.
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I really enjoyed this film, other than the rather stupid opening 10 minutes which annoyed me. As soon as it got into the story, I was enjoying it a lot. The special effects of the alien ships and the battles were pretty spectacular, the action scenes were big and exciting. There was a lot of tension during the battle scenes which kept my attention of the film. My mind certainly wasn't drifting off to what I was having for dinner when I was watching it! The film is based on the boardgame Battleship, which I liked but was crap at and there is a scene during the war that recreates the feel of that boardgame as they try to locate enemy ships. The tension and anxiety in that scene was very well directed and acted.

The acting was good and I actually cared about the characters, not wanting any of my favourites to die. I loved the different personalities of the crew-the dumb young sailor who can't stop talking crap, the renegade officer who takes risks, the recently disabled and disillusioned soldier etc and of course the cowardly and barmy geeky scientist who wants to run away instead of saving the world. He is so funny in the scene where he meets the disabled soldier in Hawaii after the attack starts! I was laughing like an idiot! Now I'm not a fan of Rihanna as a person with her attention seeking antics or her music, but I thought she did a decent job in this film. She might not be winning Oscars for her performance but I thought she did the part justice.

I also enjoyed the fact that the Americans and Japanese were working together to save the world, especially with Hawaii being the setting for the film. I also liked what was done with the former soldiers getting their moments of fame which added something extra to the plot.

Overall it was a very entertaining, all action film, with all the elements that you look for in this kind of film. I liked it so much that I bought it for my own collection.
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  1. Oh yea, the opening that was a few years prior. It didn't seem to fit well with the film style. But we loved this movie here as well. It had a bit of everything for us all. Glad you enjoyed it.