Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Top Ten Tuesday Creature Feature Sea Monsters #2

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I wasn't interested in the mash up topic which would have required too much thinking. This is a second part to my Creature Feature Sea Monsters list.

1) Tim Waggoner-Teeth of the Sea
A group of deadly pliosaurs move into the canal system of an exclusive island resort, feeding on any guest that comes to close to the water. But if it rains, they can leave the water and a storm is on the way. Great creature feature with lots of death scenes! 

2) PK Hawkins-Shark
A group of tourists find that a drunk captain, bad weather and  a rickety boat don't mix well when there are deadly sharks in the Amazon river. This was another good book from the author. A little far fetched perhaps but entertaining!

3) JF Gonzalez-Clickers
Giant bloodthirsty crabs start coming out of the sea and attacking people in a coastal town. But the arrival of the Clickers is just the beginning as the crabs are prey for something worse. I had a few issues with the second monster but might give it a re-read to see what I think now.

4) Catt Dahman-Louisiana Saturday Night
New Orleans is hit by a hurricane and floods and those rescued by a boat will end up in the dinner pot of a cannibal family, who are being followed by veangeful voodoo animated sharks. A fun gory romp which might make you look twice at gumbo...

5) Tim Meyer-Sharkwater Beach
A genetically mutated shark creature escapes the lab and heads for an island where it will spawn part human offspring who feed on the locals. I liked the story and if you can ignore a couple of asspain characters, you should enjoy it.

6) Hunter Shea-Megalodon in Paradise
Ollie buys a tropical island for his friends to live with him. It's a pity they woke up the slumbering megalodon in the holding tank in the abandoned lab, just as a storm is about to hit. I do love a good shark story and this was a good one by a favourite author.

7) MP Johnson-Lake Lurkers
Alien sea monsters take up a new home in a lake surrounded by rich people, and they soon go from feasting on those beside the water to hunting their prey on land. The MC was annoying but the story was a decent one if you can ignore the asshole cops steriotype.
8) Viktor Zarkov-Jurassic Sea
Going into the Bermuda Triangle brings Colt into a new time and place, stuck at sea with a huge jurassic sea monster trailing him. Not as much of the monster in this one but still a decent dinosaur adventure.

9) Eric S Brown-Kraken
A cruise liner is adrift, attacked by killer squid and a military rescue is launched. But this just brings more targets for the squid and Mother Kraken to kill. This is the second Kraken book by the author that I read and it was a great gory read!

10) Hunter Shea-Fury of the Orcas
Orcas at theme parks are going crazy killing their handlers and attacking oil rigs in the wild. It wasn't my favourite by the author but still a decent read.


  1. So many monsters, so little time! No 6 -- is that the same Megladon that's in that new movie called Meg?

    1. No, it's based on a different book Steve Alten's 'Meg'.

  2. Voodoo animated sharks - I'm so down for that. Definitely like your topic. Mashups were too hard for me or at least required too much thinking so I changed mine as well.

    1. It's not the greatest book I've ever read but it was pretty entertaining overall with a high body count so I can't complain!

  3. I thought Megalodon in Paradise was a lot of fun! :)

  4. Tempting, tempting... I know you didn't enjoy the Mira Grant you've tried, but I keep meaning to get to her Into the Drowning Deep.

    1. I've still got a ton of shark and sea monster books to look forward to-one of my favourite horror themes! The plot for Into the drowning deep sounds interesting but I think the characters would drive me mad!

  5. I don't think that I have ever read a book that would fall in this category. I wonder why? I will have to branch out a bit.

    1. You must get more sharks and sea monsters into your life!

  6. Give me all of the sea monsters. Love 'em. I need The Meg like tomorrow!

    Megalodon in Paradise sounds fun, and ooh krakens!

    1. I'm curious as to what they do with the Meg film. I'll certainly watch that. The Kraken books have a massive bodycount!