Wednesday, 1 August 2018

August Authorfest!

This month I'll be hiding indoors away from any heatwaves and the angry wasps in our garden and concentrating on some reading. Authorfest is all about those new to me authors that I keep saying I'll try but never seem to get round to! I've selected a wide range to read in different genres but none of them are authors I've read before so it should be exciting! This is my list and I'll try to read as many as I can this month!

1) Sarah J Maas-Throne of Glass
2) Christa Faust-Final Destination 3
3) John Randall-The Yellowstone Connundrum
4) Orlando A Sanchez-Tombyards & Butterflies
5) Ernest Cline-Ready Player One
6) Andrzej Sapkowski-The Last Wish
7) Rajan Khanna-Falling Sky 
8) Alexandra Oliva-The Last One
9) Kayla Olsen-The Sandcastle Empire
10) Seth Skorkowsky-Damoren
11) Cynthia Hand-My Lady Jane
12) Vivian Shaw-Strange Practice
13) Ryan Graudin-Wolf by Wolf
14) Jeff Menapace-Wildlife
15) Martha Wells-All Systems Red
16) Paul Tremblay-Cabin At The End Of The World
17) Jason Parent-They Feed
18) Lee Mountford-Horror In The Woods
19) Ania Ahlborn-The Shuddering
20) Michael Laimo-Deep In The Darkness 
21) GS Denning-A Study In Brimstone
22) Amie Kaufman-Illuminae
23) Stuart R West-Demon With a Comb-Over

Anyone else trying some new authors this month? If you're looking for a challenge to do through August, you are welcome to join in!


  1. I've got several new-to-me authors lined up for this month so I'd love to join in Authorfest :-)
    Is there an official signup page or logo?

    1. No there's nothing official you need to join. I've done this starting list and will update it with a post every Wednesday with my progress and then a final 'how did I do' post. You're welcome to comment about your own progress on each of these posts or do similar posts that I can visit!

  2. I see some familiar authors here so I'm hoping you enjoy tons of them!

    1. I certainly hope so! Some of these authors have been on my radar for years so it's good to finally get to some of them!

  3. My garden is full of angry wasps, too. My dad killed their nest, and they’ve been buzzing around for days. They’re even drinking out of the hummingbird feeder. Good luck with your reading list! Several of those books are on my TBR, so I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. We haven't seen any wasp activity for about ten days now so we think the extreme heat might be killing them off. I hope so but I'm still wary of letting my dad investigate!

  4. Hope all of these are as good as they sound! Good luck with your challenge. I have a list of books by authors I haven't read yet, so maybe I'll try to tackle some of them this month, too. :)

    (And we've been plagued by wasps and hornets this year, too! Nasty stinging things.)

    1. Why can't they all be butterflies and then it wouldn't bother me to sit and read outside! I hate insects and spiders! I got started yesterday on Wolf by Wolf so I've officially started! Hoping to get that read today...

  5. this sounds like a great idea. I think I have only read a couple of the authors off your list. I am excited to hear your thoughts.