Wednesday, 8 August 2018

August Authorfest Update 1

This month I'll be hiding indoors away from any heatwaves and the angry wasps in our garden and concentrating on some reading. Authorfest is all about those new to me authors that I keep saying I'll try but never seem to get round to! I've selected a wide range to read in different genres but none of them are authors I've read before so it should be exciting! This is my list and I'll try to read as many as I can this month!

I've added my first update on my progress.Two books in the first week is not great, considering I read them on the first couple of days of the month. I think I need to change the planned order of my reading as I'm not in a SF kind of mood at the moment, and maybe switch to a few quick horror reads to kick start me!

1) Sarah J Maas-Throne of Glass
2) Christa Faust-Final Destination 3 (read)
3) John Randall-The Yellowstone Connundrum
4) Orlando A Sanchez-Tombyards & Butterflies
5) Ernest Cline-Ready Player One
6) Andrzej Sapkowski-The Last Wish
7) Rajan Khanna-Falling Sky 
8) Alexandra Oliva-The Last One
9) Kayla Olsen-The Sandcastle Empire
10) Seth Skorkowsky-Damoren
11) Cynthia Hand-My Lady Jane
12) Vivian Shaw-Strange Practice
13) Ryan Graudin-Wolf by Wolf (read)
14) Jeff Menapace-Wildlife
15) Martha Wells-All Systems Red
16) Paul Tremblay-Cabin At The End Of The World
17) Jason Parent-They Feed
18) Lee Mountford-Horror In The Woods
19) Ania Ahlborn-The Shuddering
20) Michael Laimo-Deep In The Darkness 
21) GS Denning-A Study In Brimstone
22) Amie Kaufman-Illuminae
23) Stuart R West-Demon With a Comb-Over

Anyone else trying some new authors this month? If you're looking for a challenge to do through August, you are welcome to join in!


  1. Good luck! Almost all the authors I read are new to me, so every month is Authorfest. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I hope to be reading a lot of new authors during the rest of the year too. The anticipation of whether you will like them is always fun!

  2. I tried Paul Baxter this month after he sent me a copy of Manifest Recall. My review isn't up yet but I really liked it. Kind of noir with a slight paranormal element - or maybe just some serious mental health issues :) Read it and you can tell me what you think :)

    1. I haven't heard of him though that's not surprising as I never read the crime noir kind of thing. It's always great to try and then like a new author until you realise you are now going to buy more of their books and pad your tbr!

  3. I'm in! I've read 4 so far, but 2 were graphic novels which were quick!

    1. Great to have you! I hate having unproductive days after a good start. Hopefully we'll beoth have a good reading week ahead!

  4. Love your list. I spy a few author's I'm going to try too.

  5. I have a few of this on my list to read too. They are sitting my my shelf to be read. I have tried a few new to me authors like - Julia Kent, Stephanie Garber, and Jade Chang. But I want to get to some older authors that I haven't yet.
    Good luck with your list and staying away from the heat wave!


    1. I'm certainly going to set aside 10 days each month for catching up on series I've liked and 10 days for trying new authors. That might help me be more productive in my reading! I've been lucky to be in Scotland which has been cooler than England this last two weeks so it's bearable but I'll be glad when autumn's cool breezes come!

  6. I have a couple on my shelf too. I read a lot of new authors since blogging. Good luck with the challenge.
    sherry @ fundinmental