Sunday, 12 August 2018

Jurassic Park/World Book Tag

I saw this book tag at and I just had to do it! Here is the link to the originally created tag If you want to take part, I tag you! I supplied the graphics using Pixabay which you are welcome to use as they are free use. There are options for most of the questions.

1) 'Spared no expense!'-John Hammond
A series that seems to go on forever/The most expensive book you've purchased.  
I bought a set of beautiful hardback Harry Potter books is an Amazon Black Friday sale. I already had the paperbacks but I just NEEDED to have these! My excuse is that they were reduced in price! It was a bargain!!!

2) 'Life finds a way'-Ian Malcolm
A book with amazingly intricate worldbuilding/What crazy extremes have you gone to in order to get a book you wanted?
I want to avoid just using Harry Potter as my answer as we know it was outstanding in the worldbuilding. However a book that mixed a grim real dystopian world with a wonderful fantasy version of the internet beautifully, with great characters and 80's pop culture was Ready Player One. I didn't expect to like it but I did!

3) 'Hold on to your butts'-John Arnold
An extremely fast paced book/What's the fastest you've read a book and what book was it?
I love fast paced books and I've read a few where the action is non stop right through the series. Top of the list has to be the Arisen series, as after an introduction to Alpha Team and their base, the action barely stops through the whole series. And there are millions of zombies!

4) 'Mr Hammond, after careful consideration I've decided not to endorse your park'-Alan Grant. A book you refuse to read or finish.
I only ever read what I want to read so I'll never be in a position to have to refuse to read something. I'm not interested in romance or erotica so I would never read the likes of this book as it just isn't my thing.

5) 'Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether the could, they didn't stop to think if they should'-Ian Malcolm. A book that left you going 'why?'
Every book I don't enjoy brings out that response in me, but I'll go with a recent read. It sounded exciting, tense and scary and turned into a big pile of bore!

6) 'We need more teeth!'-A book with no human MCs/Your favourite bookish creatures.
I can't think of anything I love with no humans in it but I do love anything with monsters in it. If there are big teeth and fangs, I'm all over it! I love things like Sasquatches and dinosaurs but I think I need to go with sharks! I love shark books and films!

7) 'The kids? This will give the parents nightmares'-Simon Masrani. A book that terrified you.
I don't think a book has ever scared me but one that did unsettle me was Final Destination 3. It wasn't because of the content, though it was a well written book. It was the idea that if you listen to your gut and don't do something which then saves you from death, that Death might decide to take you out in a brutal manner as revenge! I found that worrying!

8) 'Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat'-Henry Wu. A book that changed your perceptions on an issue/culture etc. 
I don't generally have these kinds of reactions to books, to be honest. I read and either enjoy or DNF so I don't spend time analysing thoughts and responses and stuff! Also I don't read genres that talk about issues and cultures. I'm also pretty set in my ways and opinions so a book ain't going to change me now! The best I can come up with for this question is the first book I read with fast paced zombie terror, rather than the likes of Dawn of the Dead, which made me realise that a whole new type of zombie and monster book was out there!


  1. Should I be worried that there are people out there taking their cue for social/ethical/philosophy issues from books of tripe fiction? I feel like I should be worried.

    For me, the most expensive book/series are either my hardcover Akira set, my hardcover Wheel of Time set or the first edition, hardcover for Icerigger by Alan dean foster. That last one cost a pretty penny!

    1. I'm already worried for society! All these snowflakes screaming in a panic when their phone breaks down for an hour are on Twitter claiming life has ended...imagine what they'd be like if an EMP hit!

      When you think about the endless pleasure we get from books, the price is worth it!

  2. I had fun reading your answers. And I wasn't surprised to see some books that I enjoyed too:) Those Harry Potter editions are gorgeous!

    1. I love just looking at them! I feel like Gollum at times!

  3. Awesome! Love those dinos. :) And that top image. Reminds me I need to go see The Meg lolol. Your description of Arisen has me wanting to try that- I love it when there's tension and a breakneck pace like that! And Megatooth looks fun! Chomp!!!

    1. Arisen is the best zombie series I've read! By the time you get into book two, it grabs you and never lets go!