Thursday, 3 December 2015

Chuckles on Tour: Lake District Day Two

So, most of you who follow my blog know about my winter trip to The Lake District in England, UK last week and I'm finally ready to show you the places we visited. I took so many photos that I've had to split it into six parts to cover each day, so please bear with me! It was freezing cold the first few days especially down by the lakes themselves with the chill wind but the trip was mostly dry so I'm very happy!


We started by taking a drive along Windermere which we briefly visited many years ago on the way home from a holiday in Blackpool. It was so busy at Bowness that we could not find anywhere to park-dread to think what it would be like there in summer! I did manage to get a couple of photod looking across the Lake which is the biggest in England.

We headed south down past Newby Bridge where we managed to get well lost before finally finding the road to our third lake-Coniston Water, third largest in the district. Coniston is where Sir Malcolm Campbell set the water speed record of 141.74mph on August 19th 1939. His son Donald was killed here on January 4th 1967 while trying to reach speeds of over 300mph in Bluebird K7. It was 2001 before Donald's body and the boat were recovered from the water. I've always been fascinated by the speed records so it was great to actually be at the lake where it all happened. It was VERY cold when the wind started up at the south end of the lake but I got good photos despite my shaking hands! You can see how cold Quincy and Otis look and how windy it was by the angle of their quiffs!

We drove north up the side of the lake and then stopped at the north of the lake where the boats were launched for the speed records. It was more sheltered here and as well as the lake, I got some photos of the Old Man of Coniston and the Furness Fells which are a stunning landscape overlooking the water.

We spent a lot of time here, enjoying the scenery. It is my favourite of the lakes so far. It was so beautiful and historic. Then we started on the drive home, getting lost again because my dad refuses to believe my directions despite me holding the map! It was another beautiful sunset that night back at the lodge.



  1. Such beautiful scenery but yes it does look freezing!

    1. We probably got better weather overall than the people who got a very wet summer for their visits!