Monday, 7 December 2015

Chuckles on Tour: Lake District Day Three

So, most of you who follow my blog know about my winter trip to The Lake District in England, UK last week and I'm finally ready to show you the places we visited. I took so many photos that I've had to split it into six parts to cover each day, so please bear with me! It was freezing cold the first few days especially down by the lakes themselves with the chill wind but the trip was mostly dry so I'm very happy!


This was really a day for my dad to go and see some nature as he is a big birdwatching fan. It was quite a dull and overcast day with a few spits of rain in the air but at leat it stayed dry mostly. It was still a bit cold though. So parts of the reserve were flooded which meant we had to stay close to the lodge but getting to hand feed cute robins and having tame pheasants coming right up to sit with you was pretty cool!

It was pretty frosty at our lodge when I was having breakfast. It was a bit nippy to be out there so I just grabbed a quick photo!

Then we got out to the RSPB where we spent a few hours wandering around the reserve. It was so dull that very few of our photos came out so a few of these are a bit fuzzy I'm afraid.


We drove on down to the coast at Silverdale where it was cold and dull so not a great set of pictures at the bay.


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